PS4 update: Download this surprise PlayStation game bonus today

PS4 update: Download this surprise PlayStation game bonus today

May has seen plenty of new PS4 games launched and a few free experiences made available to everyone who owns a PlayStation console.

And while gamers with a PS Plus subscription can enjoy the likes of Call of Duty WWII and in a few days Star Wars Battlefront 2, not everyone has a subscription.

Lucky for those who enjoy free games on PS4, Sony released a special demo earlier this month on the PlayStation Store. Sony adds new content regularly to the PSN, with only Nintendo beating them when it comes to regular demo content.

And May has seen a couple of standout choices made available by the tech giant including a new demo from developers Media Molecule.

And weighing in at less than 5GB, it should be easy to find room for the new Dreams Demos on all hard drives. The new content also comes with a 12+ age rating, making it suitable for parents to play with their children.

Many PS4 owners will have already heard about Dream but may have not chosen to pick up the full game. But since earlier in May, Sony has made it possible to experience the first 20 minutes of the game at no extra cost.


As mentioned above, the Dreams Demo only includes a limited amount of gameplay and will not feature all the community created content it has become famous for.

However, it should provide enough for you to decide if it is worth checking the full release on PS4 or PS4 Pro.

A message from Media Molecule adds: “The demo includes access to a rotating playlist of some of our favourite creations in Dreams including The Ornithologist’s Private Collection, Ruckus, Cubric, Player Piano Player, Art Therapy and Great Job Human!

“The demo also includes the first 20 minutes or so of the Media Molecule musical narrative adventure Art’s Dream; and all the information you need about create mode!

“If you’ve been browsing our Dreams companion site,, you’ll also be able to add dreams you see to your Play Later queue and — should you buy the full game — they’ll be waiting for you in DreamSurfing, ready to play.

“If you choose to purchase the full version of the game, you’ll be able to pick up Art’s Dream where you left off.

“You’ll also get access to all the amazing things Dreams has to offer: creative tutorials and classes to teach you digital creation; community jams to get into the creative spirit; and thousands of games from community members across the world, with new ones every day.

“Learn how to make content in the full game with tools and teachings to create games, memes, music, art and more. And discover the opening chapters of Art’s Dream story campaign.

“Upgrade to the full game to continue your progress and find new Dreams being published every day.”

For those who haven’t heard much about Dreams, you can play thousands of games created by players across the world – arcade games, RPGs, horror, comedy and more, even some genres that might not exist… until now.

With new Dreams being published every day, there could be a lot of stuff to check if you do pick up the full game.

Published at Sun, 31 May 2020 07:01:00 +0000