PS5 vs Xbox Series X battle it out for best SSD: Which next-gen console is victorious?

PS5 vs Xbox Series X battle it out for best SSD: Which next-gen console is victorious?

The battle between the PS5 and Xbox Series X is starting to heat up, as publishers and platform holders begin to showcase next-gen specs and software.

Xbox Series X fans have been given a brief glimpse at some of the third-party games coming to the system, while PS5 customers have been treated to a stunning Unreal Engine 5 demo running in real-time.

One of the things we’ve heard a lot about in the run up to launch is SSD technology, and how it will benefit both systems.

To find out more about SSD technology and what it means for next-gen hardware, Express Online spoke to members of Ontario based developer Snowed in Studios.

Not only has Snowed in Studios explained why Microsoft and Sony are using the technology, but they’ve even broken down the differences between consoles and which one is best.

According to senior software engineer Jared MacDonald, SSD technology will do more than just eliminate loading screens – although this is one of the biggest benefits.

“Having an SSD in the new generation of consoles will dramatically improve, or eliminate, loading times as we have come to know them,” MacDonald explains, before revealing that games will no longer be forced to artificially slow players down.

“No longer will games need to add overly dense fog, large geometry, or other methods to slow the player down in order to hide the next sections of the game loading in, and the dreaded loading screens will be a distant memory.

“As for which is superior, the Xbox SSD is larger but the speed of the PS5 SSD is much better.

“I think I will wait and see once the consoles are launched before making a final decision. Regardless of which one is superior, having SSDs means more time for gaming and less time loading/installing. It’s a great time to be a gamer.”

While senior producer Nigel Franks agrees that the Xbox Series X SSD is much larger, he believes that it will matter less as we get further into the console generation.

The why is simple, as fast load times engage our audience sooner, and nothing is worse for a gamer than forcing a coffee break when you’re loading,” Franks explains. “Remember the first gen consoles? Yikes.

“As for which is better, yes, the Xbox SSD is larger, but with every console generation we get bigger, faster drives on the same hardware platform in years two, three and beyond.

“I’m a fan of the SSD in a console and it’s super-cool, but that also means we’ll have larger game worlds to load too.

“I think it’s going to matter less over time as game streaming gets more widely adopted.”

While it’s unclear which console will use its SSD technology best, fans can expect speedy loading times and less slowdown when the PS5 and Xbox Series X launch later this year.

Snowed in Studios has worked on titles such as Deus Ex Human Revolution Director’s Cut, Elder Scrolls Blades and Fallout Shelter for Xbox One. Based in Ontario, they can be found tweeting at @SnowedInStudios.

Published at Mon, 18 May 2020 12:15:00 +0000