PS5 vs Xbox Series X: Warning about ‘nonsense’ PlayStation 5 claim

PS5 vs Xbox Series X: Warning about ‘nonsense’ PlayStation 5 claim

PS5 and the Xbox Series X are set to launch later this year, with the advent of the next-gen consoles one of the biggest gaming stories of 2020. The new offerings from Sony and Microsoft are set to launch in holiday 2020, with more details on the PS5 and Xbox Series X rumoured to drop shortly. Microsoft look set to announce more on the Xbox Series X during a digital event while Sony could use an upcoming State of Play to fully reveal the PS5.

And ahead of the PS5 and Xbox Series X events there have been plenty of rumours swirling around about what the consoles are capable of.

Microsoft were first out the blocks to confirm the specs of their next-gen hardware, with a strong message about the console’s 12 teraflops power.

Sony revealed the specs of the PS5 later on during a deep dive event with Mark Cerny.

On paper the PS5 has less teraflops but boasts a super fast SSD that devs have said will fundamentally change the way games are made.

While those in the know have said that the PS5 is the most exciting piece of hardware for the last 20 years.

Both Microsoft and Sony look set to provide compelling next-gen offerings which will be a huge jump in terms of power over the current tech.

However, as we wait for more next-gen details some rumours have emerged which have set alarm bells ringing, with one in particular gaining traction.

This rumour claimed that behind the scenes the PS5 is being hit with “heating problems to rival the Xbox 360” and that “Sony is really concerned”.

The claims came from an alleged insider known as Jeff Rickel who claimed the PS5’s form factor was behind this – with a redesign being mooted.

The comments were picked up by a lot of people, who started ringing the Doomsday bells for the PS5.

But PlayStation fans can breathe a sigh of relief as a trusted journalist with a reliable track record has branded these claims as “complete nonsense”.

The comments come from Jason Schreier, who has accurately reported tonnes of huge gaming stories before anyone else such as Horizon Zero Dawn for PCs.

In a post on Twitter Schreier responded to a YouTuber who posted about Rickel’s claims.

The journalist said: “Just in case it wasn’t clear: the YouTube comment by Jeff Rickel is complete nonsense”.

The Kotaku news editor went onto add: “Let me be unequivocally clear: this is nonsense”.

Schreier also pointed out how Rickel “has a long history of tweeting about how PlayStation is doomed”.

The journalist provided links to past posts from Rickel’s Twitter to back this up.

Rickel has since made his Twitter private, but not before others tweeters took screengrabs of comments he had made about PlayStation.

One post from 2017 claimed that Sony was in “dire” straights and were about to “sell off” PlayStation assets.

And, as we all know, that turned out to be far from the truth – with the PlayStation comfortably being the most successful console of this gen.

The PS4 is the second best selling home console of all time, second only to the PS2.

So, it looks like PS5 fans can rest easy and look forward to finding out more details about the PS4 follow-up in the coming months.

Earlier this week the PS5’s DualSense controller was revealed, which boasts an eye-catching two tone colour scheme as well as haptic feedback.

In a blog post announcing the DualSense SIE CEO Jim Ryan said more details on the PS5 would be revealed in the next few months.

While LetsGoDigital in a post online have created mock-ups of what the PS5 could look like based on what we’ve seen of the DualSense so far.

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