Quarantine travel warning: New 14-day rules are ‘useless’, claims top travel expert

Quarantine travel warning: New 14-day rules are ‘useless’, claims top travel expert

The UK Government’s new 14-day quarantine mean that it is looking unlikely that tourism will be able to fully restart across many countries across the world. In 2019, British tourists spent a staggering £48billion while they were abroad. But now, Britons are looking at having to take three weeks off work for a one-week holiday if they fly abroad.

An expert from The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has now said that passenger traffic on planes will take longer to recover if lockdowns and restrictions remain in place, including quarantine rules.

The IATA have also predicted that regular passenger demand will not return until 2023.

The company’s director general and CEO, Alexandre de Juniac, told CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box Europe’ on Thursday that flights in Europe will begin to make a comeback over the summer.

He told CNBC: “We are asking governments to have a phased approach to restart the industry and to fly again.

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He added: “We are advocating with governments not to implement quarantine measures that will retain people for two weeks that will arrive anywhere.

“We think that it is useless provided we have implemented the health and sanitary controls that we are discussing with governments.

“It is absolutely key for the tourist industry which is so important for so many countries in Europe.”

Other countries as well as Spain and the UK who are requiring international travellers entering the country to quarantine for two weeks include Australia, New Zealand and China.

Mr de Juniac believes that sanitation procedures across airlines and airports are enough to stop the coronavirus spreading from country to country.

He added: “Is it possible to have an aircraft full and without risk of contamination?

“Our answer is yes, provided we implement control and sanitary processes for passengers just before the flight — by asking for temperature control, by the obligation to wear a mask, by cleaning the aircraft properly and disinfecting properly, by limiting the distribution of food to prepackaged food, by limiting cabin luggage to one luggage to avoid disembarking and embarking process to be too overcrowded.”

Airlines across the world including Ryanair are putting strict sanitation procedures in place to make sure both customers and employees remain safe.

Face masks have also been required across multiple airports and airlines across the world to help halt the spread of the virus.

The current Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advice for Britons is not to travel abroad unless it is absolutely essential.

Lack of tourism during the coronavirus pandemic has hit the world’s economy devastatingly.

It could mean that the world’s GDP could make a loss of $1.6trillion (£1.31trillion) in total.

In Europe alone, this could amount to £440billion.

It is also predicted that 75.2million tourism jobs could be made redundant globally.

Published at Sat, 16 May 2020 06:07:00 +0000