Queen and Adam Lambert tour behind-the-scenes video SECRETS with Brian May, Roger Taylor

Queen and Adam Lambert tour behind-the-scenes video SECRETS with Brian May, Roger Taylor

Before coronavirus hit, Queen and Adam Lambert were meant to be on their UK and European tour right now. Instead, Brian May, Roger Taylor and the singer have been in lockdown entertaining fans on Instagram with micro-concerts and mini-music lessons. While their tour crew have taken part in a new YouTube series on the official Queen channel called Roadies in Lockdown, looking at the Rhapsody tour behind-the-scenes and revealing what it’s like to work with the trio.

The first episode arrived this morning, with Stage Show Manager Andy Bews talking to fans on how he directs the band through a soundcheck before every show.

On Queen, he said: “They’re just so passionate about their music and all music.

“They’ll soundcheck every day for around two hours.”

First off, Andy goes and gets Roger to get his drums ready for each show.

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Andy added that towards the end they also soundcheck Brian’s acoustic guitar on the B-Stage set for Love Of My Life.

This is the moment in the show where fans wave lights in the crowd and a recorded Freddie Mercury on the screen behind Brian joins in a duet with him.

The Stage Show Manager added how he loved working with Queen and the amazing crew, saying how they’re all lovely people.

Fans will notice at the end of the video they all seem to be wearing Hawaiian shirts.

That’s because it’s Hawaiian Shirt Friday on tour, a little tradition among the Queen roadies.

Next Friday, episode two will be led by Bass Tech Jez Webb, who works alongside Queen and Adam Lambert’s bass player Neil Fairclough.

Meanwhile, Express.co.uk caught up with Roger Taylor earlier this week in lockdown, as he promoted his new solo single Isolation.

The 70-year-old Queen drummer exclusively revealed that a Queen and Adam Lambert live album is the works following the incredible response to the Tour Watch Party on YouTube last weekend.

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