Queen Elizabeth II broke ranks with rest of Royal Family to welcome Prince Philip’s mother

Queen Elizabeth II broke ranks with rest of Royal Family to welcome Prince Philip’s mother

Lady Pamela Hicks told the India Hicks podcast that Queen Elizabeth II was always marvellous with her mother-in-law Princess Alice despite other members of the Royal Family finding her “tricky”. Lady Pamela added that the Queen has the ability to always get the best out of people that everybody else finds difficult.  

Lady Pamela, the eldest daughter of Prince Philip’s uncle Lord Mountbatten, said: “The Queen was always marvellous with her.”

The presenter of the podcast, her daughter India Hicks asked: “Because she was tricky?”

Lady Pamela replied: “Because she was staying at Windsor and the Queen felt responsible.

“The Queen is the kind of person who where everybody else finds someone tricky, will be very calm and get the best out of them always.”

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India Hicks added: “Yes, the Queen gets the best out of them.”

Prince Philip’s mother, Princess Alice of Denmark and Greece, briefly stayed with the Royal Family in London before passing away in 1969.

Interest in the life of the Queen’s mother-in-law was reignited after Netflix series The Crown examined Alice’s relationship with the family.

Last month the Royal Family was praised for giving a more “personal glimpse” into their lifestyle during the coronavirus pandemic.

Royal expert Omid Scobie told the HeirPodcast that the Royal Family have shown a more intimate look into their lives through a series of Zoom calls to celebrate nurses around the world.


“I think we are all every day so grateful for nurses, medical and care workers all across the world.

“This message from the Royal Family really did show that.”

During the same podcast, Mr Scobie stated that Queen Elizabeth II had broken new ground at the age of 94 by sharing audio from a private phone call that she was involved in.

Last month, Queen Elizabeth II released audio from a private phone call with Professor Kathleen McCourt to pay tribute to the tireless efforts of nurses throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Mr Scobie said: “Here we are eight decades on and we have the Queen breaking ground again at the age of 94 sharing the first-ever broadcast of audio from a private phone call that she had made to thank nurses for their very important work.”

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