Queen to address Britain and Commonwealth in MAJOR speech – landmark address this weekend

Queen to address Britain and Commonwealth in MAJOR speech – landmark address this weekend

The Queen will deliver a televised speech on April 5, this coming Sunday, at 8pm, Buckingham Palace has announced. The monarch will address directly people living in the UK and in the Commonwealth member states. 

The speech will be televised, broadcasted by radio channels and the Royal Family’s official social media platforms. 

The brief statement, issued by Buckingham Palace, read: “Her Majesty The Queen has recorded a special broadcast to the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth in relation to the Coronavirus outbreak.

“The televised address will be broadcast at 8pm on Sunday 5th April, 2020. 

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Another said: “Great stuff, one of our only constants & will provide comfort to many.

“Won’t be for everyone but they don’t have to watch hopefully they’ll respect those who will be glad to see it.”

The Queen speaks to the country every Christmas, but she has delivered only four national addresses during her 68-year long reign. 


The last special address by the Queen took place in 2002, following the death of the Queen Mother. 

The monarch also spoke to the country to mark the Gulf War and to pay her tribute to Princess Diana after her fatal car crash.  

While Buckingham Palace remains tight-lipped on the content of the speech, it is highly likely the monarch will address the current pandemic. 

And, according to a royal expert, this speech will be a “potent weapon”. 

Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams told Express.co.uk: “It is expected that, in consultation with the Government and at what is regarded as the optimum time, she will broadcast to the nation, as so much of our customary way of life has been suspended whilst the fight against coronavirus goes on.

“She is currently following events at Windsor, from where she is likely to speak, with the intention of raising morale during the current crisis.

“Her parents embodied the spirit of resistance during the Blitz when Britain stood alone and the words of the Queen, as a symbol of national unity, are likely to be potent weapons against a deadly and invisible enemy.”  

It was first rumoured the Queen would speak to the country in mid-March. 

A source told The Sunday Times: “It is a question of when not if.   

“The value of an address by the Queen is that it is so rare — it’s a case of when is the optimum time to do it.

“The Queen wants to get it right.”

Published at Fri, 03 Apr 2020 13:08:00 +0000