Queen told not give up horse riding despite health concerns ‘Live life to the full!’

Queen told not give up horse riding despite health concerns ‘Live life to the full!’

The Queen stunned royal fans yesterday evening when the Royal Family’s official social media accounts shared two pictures of the Queen horse-riding on the grounds of Windsor Castle. In the snaps, the monarch was wearing a tweed jacket, a pair of white riding pants matching with her white gloves and a colourful headscarf.

The Queen looked relaxed and happy as she rode her 14-year-old Fell Pony Balmoral Fern around Home Park.

But the images caused concern as people on social media pointed out that the Queen was not wearing any protective gear on her head.

A seemingly concerned Twitter replied to the tweets including the pictures writing: “No helmet?”

Another wrote on Instagram as they answered to a person praising the monarch’s ability to still ride unaided: “Absolutely! But it always irritates me, that she doesn’t wear a helmet.”

The Queen was pictured riding her horse

The Queen was pictured riding her horse (Image: Getty)

93 percent of Express readers say no

93 percent of Express readers say no the Queen should not stop horse riding (Image: Express)

Now in an Express.co.uk poll which asked whether Her Majesty should give up horse-riding due to health concerns, readers have voiced their opinion.

The poll, which ran from 1pm until 10pm on Monday June 1, saw around 1,969 people cast their opinions.

More than 90 percent of voters (1,838) argued the Queen should not need to wear a helmet with many people commenting she should “live life to the full”.

One person commented: “The Queen should live life to the full, she is simply an amazing 94-year-old lady.”

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Her Majesty has been an avid horse rider

Her Majesty has been an avid horse rider all her life (Image: Getty)

Another called for people to “stop banging on about the helmet” and said: “Leave her alone for goodness sake, it’s still a free country and if she wants to ride it’s up to her.

“She looks perfectly safe to me, on a nice sensible pony and I bet she can’t remember the last time she fell off.

“As for people constantly banging on about the helmet, just give it a rest.

“She is breaking no laws and though I personally would never ride without one that is my decision to make.”

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Royal Family tree

Royal Family tree (Image: Express)

A reader wrote: “The Queen has every right to continue doping what she enjoys, she is an amazing lady, she works harder than any other Royal has and will ever and her dedication should be remembered and seen as an example to us all.

“God save the Queen.”

Just six percent (100) people voted that Her Majesty should wear protective gear with only 31 (one percent) saying they ‘don’t know’.

The monarch is usually seen horse-riding in the company of one of her trusted aides.

Images of the Queen were posted on social media

Images of the Queen were posted on social media (Image: Twitter/Royal Family)

However, in this instance, no one could be seen next to her.

As reminded by the Royal Family’s Twitter account, which represents the Queen, Prince Philip and other senior royals who don’t have personal social media accounts, the monarch is a skilled horse rider.

A tweet read: “Her Majesty has enjoyed riding since childhood and is closely involved with the welfare of the horses she owns for breeding, riding and racing.”

These images marked the first time the Queen was seen outside of Windsor Castle since the COVID-19 lockdown was put in place.

Her Majesty has been riding horses all her life

Her Majesty has been riding horses all her life (Image: Getty)

The last time the Queen was spotted in public was on March 19, when she was being driven from Buckingham Palace to Windsor Castle.

There, the monarch has spent the past few weeks self-isolating with her husband Prince Philip and a handful of staff members.

The Queen was also photographed in late March inside her studio at her Berkshire castle as she was holding a phone meeting with Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Many praised the Queen for being able to ride unaided in her mid-90s and others called her an “incredible role model”.

Someone said on Instagram: “I don’t care what anyone says, this woman is amazing and an incredible role model.”

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