RAC safety warning: Experts reveal speeding has increased under coronavirus lockdown

RAC safety warning: Experts reveal speeding has increased under coronavirus lockdown

RAC data has revealed 44 percent of UK adults claim to have noticed more drivers speeding than they did before the lockdown was put into effect. RAC stats reveal roads with 30mph speed limits are most abused by motorists with 23 percent of those surveyed admitting they had seen drivers breaking the law. 

The Metropolitan Police clocked a driver doing 134mph on a road with a 40mph speed limit. 

Greater Manchester Police have also confirmed officers recorded one driver travelling 129mph on the M62. 

Police forces across the UK have also noticed drivers flouting lockdown rules by travelling for non-essential reasons. 

RAC’s Simon Williams said: “While there are fewer drivers on the road, it appears police speed traps are more needed now than ever as some of the speeds in built-up areas appear to be excessive. 

Department for Transport data reveals speeding is responsible for 4,652 road traffic collisions in 2018. 

This equates to the equivalent of 13 road traffic road collisions every day but is unlikely to give a true reading of the total number of accidents with some going undeclared. 

Mr Williams added: “The last thing the NHS needs as it works night and day to help patients with coronavirus is to have to deal with people injured in avoidable road traffic collisions caused by motorists driving far too fast.”

Motorists caught speeding may be hit with a £100 fine and up to three penalty points to their driving licence. 

However, police officers may issue penalties to those who disobey the lockdown rules and make non-essential journeys.

Under legislation, police officers can fine drivers £60 for flouting the rules although fiunes can be halved if paid within 14 days. 

Essential journeys are considered travelling to work if you are considered a key worker or going to collect supplies such as food and medicine. 

Published at Mon, 27 Apr 2020 09:24:00 +0000