‘Replacing your wife!’ Eamonn Holmes on what he’ll do when Ruth ‘passes on’

‘Replacing your wife!’ Eamonn Holmes on what he’ll do when Ruth ‘passes on’

Eamonn Holmes and Isabel Webster were joined by Daily Star columnist Dawn Neesom and actor Christopher Biggins on Monday’s GB News to discuss the morning’s headlines. However, Isabel was left unimpressed by her co-host when he admitted he’d like to “hire staff” when his wife Ruth Langsford dies. 

Eamonn began: “If I had money the best thing anyone can have is staff.”

Christopher remarked: “I couldn’t agree with you more.”

“Getting up, someone to dress you, someone to set your shaving gear out, someone to make your bed, open your windows, someone to go downstairs [make] your breakfast…,” Eamonn continued. 

Interrupting, Isabel said: “You’d never have any privacy, I like to slob about in my own home.”

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“Oh no I wouldn’t care,” Christopher said and Eamonn agreed: “I want my house like a hotel.

“Eventually when Mrs Holmes passes on I will hire staff, I will have staff. Do you know if I get an insurance payout on her?”

Isabel interjected: “Your wife will be replaced by staff. So many men view their wives as staff.”

Eamonn made the admission following a discussion about King Charles III asking for the removal of an ornate pen holder during his first Privy Council meeting.

“I was doing a raffle on Saturday at a charity and it was unbelievable.”

The GB News host was surprised to learn there were 135 different prizes and began grouping tickets together. 

“Suddenly you seem like you’re a spoil sport but you know how these things work,” Eamonn explained. 

“He sat down there and he knows how this works and he knows he needed time and he needed space to sign and somebody’s given him three pens.

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