Resident Evil 8 release date: RE3 Remake to be followed by big launch on PS4 and Xbox?

Resident Evil 8 release date: RE3 Remake to be followed by big launch on PS4 and Xbox?

According to new rumours, the next mainline Resident Evil game will be cross-gen and will be announced in the coming months by Capcom with a 2021 release date. This would mean that the current Resident Evil 3 Remake will not be the last big RE release on PS4 and Xbox One. And it also means that Resident Evil 8 will be coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X in a big way, if these new rumours are true.

From what has been shared so far, Resident Evil 8 will feature another first-person perspective, like the one used in Resident Evil 7.

Its introduction was controversial at the time but it did open the game to new horror experiences.

But following the success of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 Remakes, it will be interesting to find out that Capcom has changed tact again.

Capcom did do plenty of research before launching Resident Evil 2 in third-person, having played around with fixed-camera and first-person.

According to the latest reports, this new Resident Evil game started as a Revelations sequel, before being transferred over to the mainline series.

However, it should be noted that these latest rumours remain unverified and need to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Other rumours have surfaced regarding the next Resident Evil game, including reports that the project has been rebooted at least once.

Another supposed that Ethan would return as a playable character, and it also revealed that it would once again be in first-person as opposed to third.

RE8 will allegedly begin in a village before the player moves onto a castle location, with the setting for the game possibly being in Europe.

The alleged leak claims that regular zombies will be making a return in Resident Evil 8 as opposed to RE7’s Molded.

And it also claims that Chris Redfield will be making a return in Resident Evil 8.

The alleged leak from earlier in 2020 also reported that wolf-life creatures would attack Ethan in certain areas.

This is another aspect shared between the two rumours, the latest coming from the Twitter profile, Dusk Golem.

It’s no secret that Resident Evil 8 is in development but Capcom hasn’t shared much about when it will be released.

While nothing concrete has been shared by the games company, it was revealed back in 2019 that testers were needed for a new project.

Capcom confirmed as much in a letter to Resident Evil Ambassador members in the Japan and US.

“Hi Resident Evil Ambassadors,” the post begins. “Thank you as always for your continued support of the Resident Evil franchise!

“Today, we’re reaching out to recruit potential testers from our loyal RE Ambassador community to try out a new game in early development.”

The fact that it’s in the early stages of development would suggest it was for something not connected to Resident Evil 3 Remake.

RE3 would hardly need testers for something in early development but it’s hard to gauge what could be coming next until we hear more.

Published at Sun, 05 Apr 2020 04:42:00 +0000