Revealed: The Queen’s most unusual souvenir which weighed a shocking 589kg – what is it?

Revealed: The Queen’s most unusual souvenir which weighed a shocking 589kg – what is it?

Her Majesty is known as being the most travelled head of state in history thanks to the development of technology during her reign. Thanks to her many travels, the Queen has become quite known for her weird and wonderful luggage.

But one part of the Queen’s travels that is hardly discussed are her many souvenirs that she acquired during her visits.

From jewellery to shells, Her Majesty has returned back to the UK having been presented with an array of items.

But there was one gift that she received from Cameroon that was a little bigger and more unusual than the rest.

During her trip to Cameroon in Central Africa in 1972, the Queen received an extraordinary souvenir as a gift.

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He was then sent to ZSL London Zoo and then to the rural zoo at Whipsnade.

But the Queen is used to receiving souvenirs as gifts on her holidays, even if they are animals.

She even once received a young Nile crocodile from the People of Berending on the Gambia River.

The young croc was also sent to ZSL London Zoo.

She has also received a grass skirt and whales’ teeth from Fiji.

A silver dhow from the Emir of Kuwait, Mother-of-pearl necklaces from Tuvalu and a shell collection from the Seychelles.

She also once received an ice hockey shirt from Canada, cowboy boots from the US and a Maori canoe from New Zealand.

The Queen has also been extremely well-looked after by her hosts.

During one visit to Nigeria, the hosts went to extraordinary lengths to keep Her Majesty’s room cool.

Author Karen Dolby who wrote ‘The Wicked Wit of Queen Elizabeth II’, explained how the hosts may have taken hospitality to the next level.

She said: “Once in Nigeria her hosts, anxious to keep her cool, turned up the air conditioning in her rooms so much that her clothes froze on their hangers.”

The Queen also reportedly travels with her own monogrammed kettle and Earl Grey tea.

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