Revealed: The Royal Family’s all-time favourite hotels – and they’re not all in the UK

Revealed: The Royal Family’s all-time favourite hotels – and they’re not all in the UK

Often, researching hotels can be tricky, especially when scrolling though various options online. Some extravagant rooms have names like “presidential”, “executive” or even “royal” suite which are usually perfect for those willing to spend a little extra. But most hotel rooms with those labels don’t have particularly notable guests.

Tschuggen Grand, Switzerland

This hotel has been used by Prince Harry, Prince William and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge.

The three royals used it while attending the wedding of English polo player Mark Tomlinson.

The hotel boasts “award-winning cuisine”, a stunning spa and wellness facilities along with those gorgeous Swiss views.

Carton House Golf & Spa Resort, Kildare, Ireland

This hotel includes Queen Victoria’s bedroom which has been kept in its original state.

The stunning hotel is located just 25 minutes outside of Dublin and is perfect for anyone trying to escape the big city for a glimpse of royal life.

The building is set on 1,100 private acres of sweeping Kildare parkland, and is one of Ireland’s national treasures.

Rosewood Little Dix Bay, British Virgin Island

A royal visit in 1966 by the Queen herself saw this little hotel acquire international fame.

Located on the dreamy British Virgin Island, this hotel looks like paradise complete with palm trees, pale blue sea and wooden hotel suites.

The Queen and Prince Phillip visited in 1966 during their royal Caribbean tour when Her Majesty was just 40 years old.

Rutundu inside Mount Kenya National Park, Kenya

Prince William and his wife Kate stayed here while on safari in Kenya.

They stayed at the Lewa Safari Camp inside the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy which has a collection of 12 tents.

But this place is more special to the Royal Family than just a place to go on safari.

After a long journey up to the Rutundu lodge, Prince William decided to propose to Kate.

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