Ringo Starr real name: What is Sir Ringo Starr’s real name?

Ringo Starr real name: What is Sir Ringo Starr’s real name?

Sir Ringo Starr is the drummer in The Beatles, the biggest thing to ever come from Liverpool. The band made millions for their megahits in the UK and across the world. However, Sir Ringo has always been a little bit more mysterious than the other band members, especially with regards his name.

What is Sir Ringo Starr’s real name?

Sir Ringo Starr was, unsurprisingly to many, not born with that name.

Instead, he was born Richard Starkey, the only child of confectioners Richard Starkey and Elsie Gleave.

Like his bandmates, he is from Liverpool, though he was born in the Dingle area of the inner city.


Young Richard Starkey was first introduced to percussion as a young boy, after a bout of tuberculosis left him in a sanatorium.

There, his interest in the drums grew, and he started drumming anything he could get his hands on as more conventional musical instruments were of no interest to him.

Ahead of his joining The Beatles, Sir Ringo played in various skiffle and other bands, before he was asked by John Lennon to join the band in 1962.

This came after the original Beatles drummer, Pete Best, was fired by the band’s manager Brian Epstein.

According to Hunter Davies’ book The Beatles: The Authorized Biography, Best was brutally pushed out because he “didn’t fit in.”

He said of Epstein’s conversation with him: “He said, ‘I’ve got some bad news for you. The boys want you out and Ringo in.’

“He said George Martin [Beatles producer] wasn’t too pleased with my playing [and] the boys thought I didn’t fit in.”

The dismissal of Best was, at first, controversial, with some fans picketing outside gigs calling for the sacking of Sir Ringo.

However, it was Sir Ringo who got them to their worldwide success, though his first attempts to drum were not too successful.

For example, Martin eventually used session drummer Andy White on Love Me Do and PS I Love You, due to his concern over Sir Ringo’s playing.

According to Davies’ book, Sir Ringo thought he was, like Pete Best, going to get the sack from the band, however eventually he began receiving as much fan mail as his counterparts.

One thing which marked Sir Ringo out from other drummers is his left-handed style, as he leads most drumming with his left hand.

Speaking to Conan O’Brien, Sir Ringo once said he was taught to write with his right hand, but he is naturally left handed and therefore plays a right-handed drum kit the wrong way round.

Eventually Sir Ringo did more than just play drums, and provided lead vocals on at least one song per album, as well as writing some of the band’s hits such as Don’t Pass Me By.

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