Ronnie O’Sullivan names job he would rather have than playing snooker

Ronnie O’Sullivan names job he would rather have than playing snooker

Ronnie O’Sullivan has admitted that there is a job he would rather be doing than playing snooker. The six-time world champion has claimed that several other snooker stars would change career due to the ‘pressure’.

The outspoken O’Sullivan is into the quarter-final of the World Snooker Championship following a comfortable 6-3 win over Noppon Saengkham.  

The 45-year-old is now the favourite to win the tournament, especially after Judd Trump’s surprise exit.  

Trump was beaten by Matthew Selt on Tuesday.  

But O’Sullivan has incredibly conceded that he would rather have a television job talking about snooker rather than actually playing the sport.  

He said: “I’d rather be doing (punditry). If you asked most players now, give me a job working on TV or playing snooker, they’d probably go for TV. 

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“It’s hard to make a living, a lot of them are sweating and under pressure. I don’t want to be that person.” 

O’Sullivan has also ripped into other sportspeople who fail to challenge themselves against the best in their field.  

“It’s not for me to say, there’s been a lot of great British sportsmen,” the Brit told the Metro on Tuesday when asked if he is the best British sporting figure. “I’d like to think I’m in a sport where I’m not ducking people, do you know what I’m saying? 

“I’ve played the best at their best, they’ve played me at my best. It’s one of them sports, a bit like golf, tennis, where you’re forced to play the opponent. 

“Some other sports they don’t test themselves against the best for whatever reason. Listen, I like to think I’ve took on all comers in my career.”

He continued: “There’s a few sports like that, not just F1. In boxing you get someone like Fury who fights anyone, then you get other fighters who refuse to fight certain fighters. 

“I like to think I’m a Fury, never ducked anyone, never ducked a challenge, pick myself off the floor and come out fighting even when I’ve not felt like fighting. 

“I think that’s the only way you can judge if a sportsman is truly a great or not, if they’ve fought whoever was the greatest at the time in front of them. 

“You see a lot of boxers fighting people when they’re past their best or come up with excuses on why the fight can’t happen. You lose respect for them type of people. 

“Whereas your Mexicans, your all-time greats, Marvin Hagler, Sugar Ray Leonard, Lennox Lewis, they’re all-time greats because they fought the best when they were at their best. For me, that’s what makes a great a great.”

Published at Wed, 01 Dec 2021 17:47:00 +0000