Royal Family LIVE: ‘Woke’ Meghan and Harry mocked for honours list to ‘rival’ the Queen’s

Royal Family LIVE: ‘Woke’ Meghan and Harry mocked for honours list to ‘rival’ the Queen’s

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been accused of being “desperate for relevance” after it was reported they are planning their own honours list to recognise individuals and organisations championing positive causes. Angry royal fans questioned the move after the couple quit the Royal Family earlier this year to protect their privacy.

One tweeted: “This ultimate woke couple who make me ill are going to try and rival the Queen with their own woke awards ceremony. Makes me ill.”

Another posted: “This has to be a joke? Aren’t these the two who want #privacy by divorcing themselves from the @RoyalFamily? @KensingtonRoyal? @ClarenceHouse? & moving to #USA?”

One added: “Really desperate to stay in press for people who want privacy they are a joke no one cares they are not royal and their woke awards will not make them relevant or popular they showed what they think of uk during COVID they only care about themselves abandoned family they are users.”

Harry, 36, and Meghan, 39, hope to celebrate “charitable service, education, science, literature, racial justice, gender equity, environmental stewardship, youth empowerment, health and mental health”, according to The Sun.

The award scheme will be run by the Sussex’s Archewell foundation.

The Queen’s honours are handed out twice a year.

Other furious fans questioned accused Meghan and Harry of being “delusional”.

One posted: “Why? Who are they to bestow awards. They obviously don’t know they are no longer royals. So desperate for relevance to outdo the Queen? Despicable.”

A Twitter user said: “Dear god. They are delusional. Are they going to set up a rival court?”

Another posted: “I mean who do they actually think they are and who entertains their grandiose ideas??”

Meghan and Harry’s plan also raised eyebrows among critics with Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan asking this morning: “Have you ever met a couple more inclined to break their own privacy than Meghan and Harry?”



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8.21am update: Andrew Neil claims ‘clear link’ between Princess Diana BBC interview and her death

Andrew Neil claimed the tragic accident that cost Princess Diana her life was the result of royal security being stripped in the aftermath of her unprecedented BBC Panorama interview with Martin Bashir.

Andrew Neil claimed there was a “clear line” between Princess Diana’s BBC Panorama interview in 1995 and her death in a car crash two years later. The veteran BBC presenter slammed the company as he claimed Diana chose to give up her security team because of the “paranoia” presenter Martin Bashir allegedly instilled in her. Speaking to CNN, Mr Neil said: “We now know the way that he conned Diana into giving this interview.

“We all wondered why she had given it to him. He played on her paranoia, he said, ‘senior officials in the Palace are selling stories to the tabloids, here are the bank statements that prove it. You can’t trust anybody, even your security.’

“And what she did is get rid of her security. When I met Diana in 1996, she had no security with her.”

8.09am update: Kate has £170k ring and necklace set with link to Queen’s ‘iconic’ tiara

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, has worn some eye-catching pieces of jewellery since she became part of the Royal Family. Speaking exclusively to, a jewellery expert analysed a ruby set she has worn with similarities to one of the Queen’s favourite tiaras.

She has occasionally sported a ruby and diamond jewellery set which includes a pendant, earrings and matching ring.

The pieces in the set could be worth a huge fortune, according to managing director of William May, Nick Withington.

He told “Kate’s necklace shows off an oval ruby around 10 carat in weight surrounded by diamonds totalling more than 1.5 carat, estimated at £60,000 or more.

“The diamonds look to be around three carat which at the quality would give an estimated value of around £100,000.”

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