Royal Family: What Queen Elizabeth and royals really get up to on their summer holidays

Royal Family: What Queen Elizabeth and royals really get up to on their summer holidays

Queen Elizabeth, 94, famously heads up to Balmoral in Scotland for her summer holidays. Other members of the Royal Family will also join her there at the highland estate. But how do they keep themselves entertained?

In fact, the royal summer holiday to Scotland isn’t dissimilar as to many other Britons’ trips to the countryside as you might think.

Princess Eugenie, 30, recently spilled the beans on the family’s antics.

She described a trip to Balmoral as involving: “Walks, picnics, and lots of dogs!” reported The Spectator.

Horses play a big role too – the Queen has her own Highland Pony stud these where she breeds the quadrupeds.

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Much like many British families, tucking into a barbecue is a important part of the summer break.

Prince Philip, 99, was a big fan of a BBQ in his prime.

Author Robert Hardman tells of Royal Family trips to Scotland in the 1950’s in his book Queen of the Word.

“Prince Philip… would relish the prospect of setting up on his barbecue in the unlikeliest spots – and cooking anything that took his fancy,” Hardman wrote.

Queen Elizabeth enjoys consuming locally sourced food on these trips.

The monarch is said to love grouse and game as well as grilled Dover sole.

Meanwhile Prince Charles, 71, enjoys foraging for his food when in the countryside.

The Duke of Cornwall once invited chef Antonio Carluccio to spend three days at Balmoral for lessons on which mushrooms were edible.

The Prince also likes to do his bit for the environment on holiday.

Prince William, 38, previously recalled how his father would take them later picking on school holidays.

The younger royals also enjoy being outdoors.

Kate Middleton, 38, once revealed that her three children love walking.

A well-wisher at a Keswick walkabout last year who spoke to the Duchess recalled: “She said that her children love coming here and walking in the fells.

“She told us how nice the Lake District was and how lucky we were to live so close to the mountains.”

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