Royal reveal: Queen would welcome Prince Harry back to family ‘with open arms’

Royal reveal: Queen would welcome Prince Harry back to family ‘with open arms’

But Ingrid Seward, the editor of Majesty Magazine, has told Sky News she would welcome her grandson Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex back with open arms. Harry and his wife Meghan, Duchess of Sussex stepped down as full-time royals earlier this month. Ms Seward explained: “I think she’s looking at Harry like the prodigal son, that he will come home and she will welcome him home with open arms.

“The one thing that has really carried the Queen through her long life is her Christianity and her deep religious beliefs, and one of the Christian teaching is forgiveness.”

Ms Seward said Her Majesty was unlikely to ever publicly criticise members of her family.

She said: “I think she’s very loathed to criticise anything he’s doing.

“Privately, she might feel very sad about it but she will never ever comment on it, even probably to her family.

“She would keep her feelings very much to herself.”

The Queen celebrated her 94th birthday earlier this week.

She is the longest living of any British monarch.

The closest monarch to her lifespan is Queen Victoria who reached 81 years and 243 days old.

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The Queen recorded her first non-Christmas televised address to the public in 18 years and her first ever televised Easter message.

Harry has been seen alongside Meghan delivering food in Los Angeles to those who cannot shop or cook for themselves, on more than one occasion.

The Sussex’s moved to Los Angeles after their departure as full time working royals.

There was initially speculation that they could move to Canada, with their son, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

The family did indeed reside for a time on Vancouver Island.

Harry and Archie remain sixth and seventh in the line of succession respectively.

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