Royal shock: Prince Harry ‘secretly tortured’ over Los Angeles expert claims

Royal shock: Prince Harry ‘secretly tortured’ over Los Angeles expert claims

Meghan and the Duke of Sussex made the decision to step back from royal life at the beginning of the year. The pair subsequently stayed in Vancouver Island before settling in Los Angeles in March. Despite now living in California, a new book has claimed Harry is struggling to settle to life in LA away from his family in the UK

In the new book, ‘Royals At War: The Inside Story of Harry and Meghan’s Shocking Split With the House of Windsor’, authors Andy Tillett and Dylan Howard have alleged the Duke is finding it hard to adjust to life in the US. 

A source told The Sun: “On top of it all, he’s got cabin fever.

“It was far from an ideal situation.

“Harry’s gone from feeling excited about the move to feeling secretly tortured.”

However, Meghan is doing her best to support her husband to settle in his new life. 

The insider added: “She’s assuring Harry that once things go back to normal, he’ll love their new life in LA.

“Meghan wants to take him hiking and talks about the local polo club and how much he’ll love surfing.”

The couple are currently living in a house as the reported guests of actor and producer, Tyler Perry. 

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Now the pair have stepped away from royal life, they have rescinded their His/Her Royal Highness titles. 

As well as dropping their titles, the two will look to become more financially independent. 

They are also set to launch their charitable initiative called the Archwell Foundation. 

Despite their intent to set out a new life, royal editor at the Daily Mirror, Russell Myers has stated there plans are incredibly uncertain at the moment. 

In an interview with Radio New Zealand, he said: “All their plans are simply up in the air at the moment.

“They had huge plans once they settled in Los Angeles to set up their own foundation and now obviously these plans are in tatters.

“They had plans to launch themselves into the corporate world, into the very, very lucrative world of public speaking, where they could potentially net millions and millions of pounds for a single gig.

“Their celebrity culture is their Royal Family and that’s kind of how Americans see Harry and Meghan.

“It remains to be seen how successful they will be.”

The measures undertaken in the spring will be reviewed next year. 

Published at Sun, 28 Jun 2020 21:04:00 +0000