Royal Tour LIVE: Kate shocks local by wearing same traditional hat as Princess Diana

Royal Tour LIVE: Kate shocks local by wearing same traditional hat as Princess Diana

Kate and Prince William retraced the steps of the Duke of Cambridge’s late mother this morning, when he visited the Hindu Kush mountains in the Chitral district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. At the beginning of the second full day of their tour to Pakistan, Kate and Prince William have been given a present proving just how loved was Princess Diana in the country she almost moved to live in. 

Himalayan dignitaries presented a book full of photographs of Diana wearing the same feathered cap and cloak of the Chitral Scouts William and Kate had also on.

Prince William, who received the present, was pleasantly surprised by the kind thought.

He said: “That’s very kind, thank you very much.”

William then started flicking through it, while Kate looked on with a smile on her face. 

Two of the outfits worn so far by Kate were clearly reminiscent of the ones worn by William’s mother when she visited the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital.

And the Pakistan Prime Minister, Imran Khan, recalled yesterday after his private meeting with Kate and William how the then-teen prince and his mother laughed at a gathering in Richmond-upon-Thames in 1996 when the former Pakistan, Sussex, and Worcestershire cricketer announced he wanted to become a career politician.

Mr Khan, who was elected Pakistani Prime Minister in July 2018, suggested it had been as hard a slog as his earlier career as a Test cricketer.


He said: “When I went with my mother to see a Test match my cousin was playing and he scored a century and I told my mother I wanted to be a Test cricketer.

“I never realised how difficult it was to eventually become one.

“Similarly, when I told you that I wanted to succeed I didn’t realise it would take me 22 years.”

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8.40am update: Kate and William to draw attention on climate change 

Kate and William have embraced the call for action on climate change and are today on a glacier to draw attention on the issue. 

With this visit, Kate and William hope to highlight the effect climate change has having on planet earth, highlighting how the glacier is melting at record speed. 

Yesterday Prince William, anticipating this visit, said: “Tomorrow we will be seeing some of these impacts first hand and meeting some of the communities adjusting to the new realities and new challenges that climate change has brought to their towns and villages.

“I hope to learn what more we all can do to help prevent and mitigate this impending global catastrophe.” 

8.18am update: Prince William praised for supporting breast cancer awareness campaign in Pakistan

Prince William publicly supported a campaign launched by Pakistan’s First Lady to raise awareness on breast cancer, the country’s president revealed. 

Arif Alvi wrote on Twitter: “When we informed Duke & Duchess of Cambridge about efforts of Samina Alvi for Breast Cancer Awareness in Pakistan they asked in detail about our campaign.

“It was Prince William’s idea then, that we get the official photographs taken with pink ribbons.

“I pinned one to his pocket.”

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