Royal travel secrets: The unlikely household item Meghan Markle packs in her suitcase

Royal travel secrets: The unlikely household item Meghan Markle packs in her suitcase

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle embarked on yet more international travel recently, hot-footing it across the US border to LA before the stringent coronavirus lockdown. It’s likely the Duchess took with her all of her essentials, including one unlikely household item.

Having spent years travelling for work, and later for the royal duties she temporarily took on with her husband Prince Harry, Meghan has her own tips and tricks to ensure a comfortable journey.

In an interview with Birchbox, the Duchess revealed one household item she always packs in her suitcase.

She explained that she always packs tumble dryer sheet in her luggage.

“Your clothes will smell fresh when you arrive—and especially when you return home!” she said.

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In a slightly bizarre revelation, she explained in a post that she has been known to place antibacterial gel or cream on the inside of her nostrils in a bid to limit the spread of germs on a plane.

The former Suits star claimed this was a travel hack she picked up from Hollywood royalty Leonardo DiCaprio.

“[Leonardo] puts a little Neosporin on a cotton swab and coats the inside of his nostrils,” she wrote on the site.

“Not only does it create a barrier for germs, it also lubricates the skin in the nose.”

Neosporin is an antibiotic ointment, and while the celebrities swear by it, there’s no definitive answer as to whether this truly is a barrier from illness.

She wrote: “In her small clutch she carries a compact mirror, blotting paper, a handkerchief and lip balm.”

A keen photographer, Kate is also reported to always carry a camera with her.

This is something that was noted on her first-ever royal tour with William.

Discussing their trip to Canada in June 2011, Moody wrote in her book: “Since she has always been a keen photographer, she took her own Canon camera to snap some personal images.”

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