Rust Console update news and server wipe countdown

Rust Console update news and server wipe countdown

Gamers on PS4 and Xbox One are about to get a significant Rust Console update that will make big changes to the base game.

As confirmed by Double Eleven on YouTube and Twitter, this week’s Devastation Unleashed patch will launch after the regular server wipe.

This is happening on Thursday, November 25, with plenty of action planned for after the rollout has been completed.

And as Rust server wipes usually kick off at 7pm GMT, this is when we expect the new update to arrive.

When the dust has settled, gamers will notice several new features and content, including the new Tech Tree, bigger 3KM maps, new building blocks, Gestures, adjustments to gun handling, aim assist, and a host of quality of life improvements and bug fixes.

The Tech Tree will be one of the biggest upheavals as it will fundamentally change the way players progress.

Following this week’s update players will unlock items they need the most by collecting scrap and constructing a workbench.

This will access the Tier 1 Tech Tree, and from here, players will use their scrap to unlock different branches of items depending on their chosen playstyle

A further message from Double Eleven explains: “Players are still able to research items from the Research Table as they could before, so there are now multiple paths of progression.

“The aim of adding Tech Trees is to bring the game more in line with the core Rust experience by adding more depth to the system we had up until this point. This will give everyone more variety over the ways they can play the game! With the addition of the Tech Tree a Blueprint wipe will be required for all the servers.”

Here are some of the other features being planned for the Rust Console Edition update:


New building blocks are also being added with this update to expand our community base-building creativity! The Triangle Roofs, Triangle Ladder Hatch, Triangle Floor Frame, Spiral Staircase, Triangle Spiral Staircase, Ramp and Steps are all part of the new building blocks players are able to construct. Some of them can really help you design that “perfect” base by making it even more efficient and harder to raid.


Also coming with Devastation Unleashed is the new ‘Gestures’ feature, which allows players to perform various emotes by opening the radial menu and cycling through the different options to better express themselves and communicate with others in-game. If you see someone at a distance try ‘waving’, and see what happens.

Published at Wed, 24 Nov 2021 05:41:29 +0000