Ruth Langsford left in tears after candid Alzheimer’s discussion: ‘Set me off again’

Ruth Langsford left in tears after candid Alzheimer’s discussion: ‘Set me off again’

On today’s Loose Women, all three panelists discussed the topic of memory loss and whether or not they find themselves fearing the worst if they forget trivial things. The topic resulted in Ruth Langsford paying special tribute to charity The Alzheimer’s Society, a cause the ITV presenter holds close to her heart. Fans will remember Ruth won £33,000 on Alan Carr’s Epic Gameshow this past weekend for the cause and after the clip was played to the Loose Women panellists, Ruth found herself in tears again.

Ruth said to her ITV colleagues: “Well, I was very proud on Saturday to represent the Alzheimers Society, I did Play Your Cards Right…”

Nadia soon chimed in with her words of sympathy as she said: “I saw you cry, you won £30,000.”

The Loose Women star corrected her fellow panellist as she pointed out it £33,000 and that co-star Coleen Nolan had messaged her during the show to say she was left crying by Ruth’s efforts.

Soon after, the clip of Ruth and husband Eamonn Holmes on the show was played.

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The TV presenter’s father Dennis had suffered from the illness before he passed away in 2012.

Earlier in the discussion, Ruth opened up about just how much the money won on the Alan Carr-fronted show meant to her.

She told her co-stars: “When you’re representing a charity that is close to your heart and that card had been the wrong turn we would have lost that money.

“You have to gamble because £30,000 can help so many people. Even though I knew I’d won I wept like a baby.

Shortly after the game show clip played, Coleen shared some kinds, telling Ruth: “It was fabulous.”

Coleen then continued: “Can I just say girls, you know how you were all saying about how all your husbands are so good with their memory,

“Remembering number plates and birthdays from years ago and all that,

“Isn’t it funny that with men they can do all those things but they can’t remember to put the bins out?”

Coleen’s joke was met with laughter from her fellow panellists as the panel moved on with the show.

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Published at Thu, 04 Jun 2020 12:51:00 +0000