Ryanair: Where you should never sit on a Ryanair flight – worst plane seats revealed

Ryanair: Where you should never sit on a Ryanair flight – worst plane seats revealed

Ryanair flights can be made even better when you manage to bag yourself a window seat. For those keen for a view of the planet from 35,000 feet, a good plane seat can be just the ticket. Which means getting a bad plane seat can really ruin a journey. The worst plane seats have now been revealed by a travel expert. Digital travel editor Oliver Smith explained on The Telegraph that he accidentally ended up sitting in one of the worst seats of all.

Smith found himself in a window seat without a window. Despite sitting in a seat where one would expect a window, Smith had nothing but a white plastic wall panel.

He explained that on every single Ryanair plane, seat 11A does not have a window.

For those who choose to select their own seat when booking a Ryanair flight – 11A is not the one for you if you want a view.

Smith also revealed the 11F and 12F seats on the opposite side of the Boeing 737-800 model also have no window.

Ryanair does warn customers of this seat’s lack of window during the booking process, however.

A small pop-up box says “This seat has no window,” says when the traveller hovers over the seats.

Ryanair is keen to point out the positives of this windowless window seat.

The airline has an article dedicated to seat hacks on its website and 11A gets a mention.

“Red-eye warrior? Not a lot of people realise that seat 11A has no window, meaning it’s the perfect seat if you’re planning to catch up on some zzzs during a morning flight,” says the Ryanair site.

“This seat is also a little life-saver late at night when you’ve spent the day travelling and all you want is a few minutes of shut-eye.”

Many people have been angry to find themselves in 11A with social media users taking to Twitter to complain.

Many post photos of the plastic wall they sat next to. One person captioned one such photo: “I paid extra for a window seat, thought I’d treat myself. Nice little trip away, spoil yourself to a window seat I thought…”

Another person tweeted: “I paid for a window seat to sit next to my partner, row 11 on EI-EKL yet for some unknown reason row 11 has no window!!”

Smith also revealed where you should avoid on other airlines if you want a real window.

On an easyJet flight, seat 31A on the A320 aircraft has no window, while seats 26A and 26F don’t have one on the A319 model.

On a British Airways flight, on the A380 model, 70A and 70K, in economy don’t have windows and nor do 12A, 12K, 50A and 50K in Club World.

Travel author Christopher Bartlett revealed another key thing to watch out for when booking a flight in his book Plane Clever. 

Those using flight price comparison sites often look at the number of stops involved when making a journey, with the higher the number usually meaning a longer travel time. Yet Bartlett has warned honing in on a low flight time, or the phrase ‘direct flight’ could be a major error.

Published at Fri, 22 Feb 2019 21:02:00 +0000