Samsung Galaxy S10: This phone's best feature could come with a huge catch

Samsung Galaxy S10: This phone's best feature could come with a huge catch

Galaxy S10 is the assumed name for the company’s next S-line device that will succeed the Galaxy S9 and S9+.

The hardware is expected to diverge from recent Samsung tradition by coming in more than two models.

Instead, it is anticipated at least three versions of the product will debut when the South Korean OEM takes to the stage in San Francisco on February 20.

While standard and “+” models of the hardware are expected, it has also been rumoured a cheaper version of the handset is in the works.

Such a device is presumed to forgo some premium features in exchange for its lower price point.

Moreover, it has also been claimed the product in question could be called the Galaxy S10 Lite or Galaxy S10 E.

All three versions of the device are expected to come with a radical redesign when compared to the Galaxy S9 and S9+.

The biggest difference has been rumoured to be with regard to the phone’s screen and camera system.

Galaxy S10 is expected to come with an all-screen design thanks to extremely minimal bezels.

While it has been speculated the handset will not feature a notch at the top of its panel, it appears increasingly likely the device will have a cutout within its display for its front-facing camera.

Credence has been added to such claims from leaked images of the alleged phone that have emerged on Twitter.

Galaxy S10 is anticipated to ditch a traditional fingerprint reader in exchange for an ultrasonic scanner located underneath its display.

While other Android flagships have already placed their fingerprint sensors underneath their respective panels, such as the Huawei Mate 20 Pro and OnePlus 6T, the technology used so far has been optical.

Optical technology requires part of the phone’s screen to light up and reflect off the finger being used.

However, ultrasonic readers use ultrasound to create a 3D image of the user’s finger.

Not only is ultrasonic technology considered to be more accurate than optical solutions, it is also touted to be able to read a finger even when it is dirty or wet for instance.

The Galaxy S10 has been reported to take advantage of an ultrasonic reader for unlocking.

However, it appears the technology could come with a huge caveat many were not expecting.

Case manufacturer ArmadilloTek recently took to Twitter and explained it had been testing “real Galaxy S10 phones” and declared its screen protectors will not work with the scanner being used.

Moreover, it stated its “vanguard” series of cases will not come with a built-in protector because of the technology.

The firm said: “We have tested our cases on real Galaxy S10 phones.

“The in-screen fingerprint does not support screen protector.

“So our vanguard will have no built in screen protector.”

If the problem noted by ArmadilloTek is consistent with other case manufacturers it could mean Galaxy S10 owners could have to choose between having a screen protector and not being able to use the phone’s fingerprint sensor or having no safety measure for the display.

While ArmadilloTek discussed details about the forthcoming S10, it is worth noting its claims have not been discussed by Samsung.

Instead, the firm will surely reveal everything about the device on February 20. will be covering proceedings live.

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