Samsung will pay you to ditch your old Android phone and try something new

Samsung will pay you to ditch your old Android phone and try something new

If your current smartphone is on its last legs or has stopped working completely, don’t fret. Samsung has just launched a new incentive which is offering customers the chance to hand over their ageing and broken tech and get £100 off something new. The best part about this promotion is that Samsung doesn’t care how badly damaged the device is that you are trading in.

That means it could have a smashed screen, dismal battery life or simply won’t switch on at all and you will still get the money sent straight to your account. This enticing trade-in deal is currently available for a limited time when customers switch to the Galaxy S22.

And that’s not the only incentive that’s being offered by Samsung with the Korean technology firm also dishing out free Galaxy Chromebook 4 laptops and a one-year subscription to Disney+. That bundle alone is worth over £350.

Now, you might be wondering why there are such big deals on the flagship Galaxy S22 right and the answer seems pretty simple.

This device is about to be superseded by something total new next week and it’s highly likely that Samsung wants to shift some stock of the current phones before the latest update arrives soon.

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The big Unpacked launch event for the Galaxy S23 will take place on February 1 with this device looking set to include an upgraded camera, faster Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, longer battery life and an improved display. We’re also expecting a refreshed design to be revealed along with some updated colours.

We’ll find out full details next Wednesday but if the thought of that latest upgrade doesn’t excite you and you fancy a bit of a bargain then the S22 is still worth considering as this is a very good phone. The fact that Samsung is throwing in some freebies and offering that £100 off – no matter how badly damaged your current device is – is also a big reason to consider buying one.

Just be aware that it could look a little outdated once the S23 arrives next week.

You can see the Galaxy S22 deals from Samsung here.

As a quick reminder, the S22 features a speedy processor and triple-lens rear camera which includes a main 50-megapixel sensor as well as wide-angle and telephoto lenses. For watching movies on the move there is a 6.1-inch Dynamic AMOLED screen with a fingerprint scanner tucked under the glass.

Owners also get full access to 5G data speeds, 128GB of storage and long battery life plus there’s the option to refill things wirelessly.

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Published at Thu, 26 Jan 2023 09:15:00 +0000