Scotland chaos: Police wade into Glasgow battle as monument defenders clash with officers

Scotland chaos: Police wade into Glasgow battle as monument defenders clash with officers

Footage has emerged of an outbreak of chaos in Scotland as groups on the verge of clashing are mediated by the police. Far right loyalists reportedly attacked a rally organised by Asylum Rights Activists in Glasgow. The protest was held to highlight the conditions asylum seekers are forced to live in.

In a video posted to Twitter, the tense scenes show a multitude of police officers in the area.

Many people present appear to be chanting, clapping and jeering.

In other clip, police sirens can be heard while a group of officers appear to be restraining someone on the ground.

Many of the authorities attempt to keep people away from each, gesturing for them to move back.

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The National Defence League had called on followers to gather in Glasgow city centre just before a ‘No Evictions’ demonstration.

In anticipation, police had pleaded for people not to attend.

However the activists went ahead with a heavy police presence protecting them from the NDL.

The loyalists attempted to disrupt the peaceful protest before turning their ire onto the police.

Journalist Liam O’Hare wrote: “Far-right loyalists have turned up to attack an asylum seeker rally in Glasgow. Shameful doesn’t even cover it.”

Aamer Anwar also said: “For years anti-racist groups & T Unions have demonstrated peacefully in our city of Glasgow without fear of attack.

“Today shamefully it appears that far-right racist sectarian thugs have been given the freedom of our city.”

Fraser Stewart added: “Last week loyalists turned out in Glasgow to “counter-protest” BLM. Today they’ve turned out against asylum seekers. Both times have ended up in clashes with police/assaulting passers by. This isn’t about statues. It’s violent racism from a group with a proud history of it.”

There have yet to be any reports of arrests.

Published at Wed, 17 Jun 2020 18:13:00 +0000