Scottish Premiership fixtures announced as Celtic and Rangers discover Old Firm fate

Scottish Premiership fixtures announced as Celtic and Rangers discover Old Firm fate

Scottish Premiership fixtures announced: When will Rangers and Celtic clash?

Scottish Premiership fixtures announced: When will Rangers and Celtic clash? (Image: GETTY)

Scottish Premiership fixtures are out as Celtic look to win the title for the 10th season on the bounce. Rangers boss Steven Gerrard will be desperate to stop them though and the two have discovered when they will face off in the Old Firm derby games in the upcoming campaign.

Aberdeen will host Rangers on Saturday, August 1 on the opening weekend while on the Sunday defending champions Celtic take on Hamilton Academical.

Celtic’s first six games are against Hamilton, Kilmarnock, St Mirren, Aberdeen, Dundee United and Motherwell.

Rangers take on Aberdeen, St Mirren, St Johnstone, Livingston, Kilmarnock and Hamilton.

The first Old Firm derby will be on October 17 at Celtic Park. January 2 and March 20 will see the other two games between the arch-rivals.

Scottish Premiership 2020/21 fixtures:

August 1: Dundee United vs St Johnstone

August 1: Hibernian vs Kilmarnock

August 1: St Mirren vs Livingston

August 1: Aberdeen vs Rangers – 5.30pm kick-off, live on Sky Sports

August 2: Celtic vs Hamilton Academical – 4.30pm kick-off, live on Sky Sports

August 3: Ross County vs Motherwell – 7.45pm kick-off, live on Sky Sports

August 8: St Johnstone vs Aberdeen – 12.30pm kick-off, live on Sky Sports

August 8: Hamilton Academical vs Ross County

August 8: Livingston vs Hibernian

August 8: Motherwell vs Dundee United

August 8: Rangers vs St Mirren

August 9: Kilmarnock vs Celtic – 4.30pm kick-off, live on Sky Sports

August 11: Dundee United vs Hibernian – 6pm kick-off, live on Sky Sports

August 12: Aberdeen vs Hamilton

August 12: Motherwell vs Livingston

August 12: Rangers vs St Johnstone

August 12: Ross County vs Kilmarnock

August 12: St Mirren vs Celtic – 6pm kick-off, live on Sky Sports

August 15: Celtic vs Aberdeen

August 15: Hamilton Academical vs St Mirren

August 15: Kilmarnock vs St Johnstone

August 15: Ross County vs Dundee United

August 15: Hibernian vs Motherwell – 5.30pm kick-off, live on Sky Sports

August 16: Livingston vs Rangers – 4.30pm kick-off, live on Sky Sports

August 22: Aberdeen vs Livingston

August 22: Motherwell vs Hamilton Academical

August 22: Rangers vs Kilmarnock

August 22: St Mirren vs Ross County

August 22: Dundee Utd vs Celtic – 5.30pm kick-off, live on Sky Sports

August 23: St Johnstone vs Hibs – 4.30pm kick-off, live on Sky Sports

August 29: Celtic vs Motherwell

August 29: Kilmarnock vs Dundee United

August 29: Livingston vs Ross County

August 29: St Johnstone vs St Mirren

August 29: Hamilton vs Rangers – 5.30pm kick-off, live on Sky Sports

August 30: Hibernian vs Aberdeen – 4.30pm, kick-off, live on Sky Sports

September 12: Aberdeen vs Kilmarnock

September 12: Livingston vs Hamilton Academical

September 12: Motherwell vs St Johnstone

September 12: Rangers vs Dundee United

September 12: Ross County vs Celtic

September 12: St Mirren vs Hibernian

September 19: Aberdeen vs Motherwell

September 19: Celtic vs Livingston

September 19: Dundee United vs St Mirren

September 19: Hibernian vs Rangers

September 19: Kilmarnock vs Hamilton Academical

September 19: St Johnstone vs Ross County

September 26: Celtic vs Hibernian

September 26: Hamilton Academical vs Dundee United

September 26: Livingston vs St Johnstone

September 26: Motherwell vs Rangers

September 26: Ross County vs Aberdeen

September 26: St Mirren vs Kilmarnock

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October 2: Aberdeen vs St Mirren

October 2: Dundee United vs Livingston

October 2: Hibernian vs Hamilton Academical

October 2: Kilmarnock vs Motherwell

October 2: Rangers vs Ross County

October 2: St Johnstone vs Celtic

October 17: Celtic vs Rangers

October 17: Dundee United vs Aberdeen

October 17:Hamilton Academical vs St Johnstone

October 17: Livingston vs Kilmarnock

October 17: Ross County vs Hibernian

October 17: St Mirren vs Motherwell

October 24: Aberdeen vs Celtic

October 24: Kilmarnock vs Hibernian

October 24: Motherwell vs Ross County

October 24: Rangers vs Livingston

October 24: St Johnstone vs Dundee United

October 24: St Mirren vs Hamilton Academical

October 31: Celtic vs St Mirren

October 31: Dundee United vs Ross County

October 31: Hamilton Academical vs Aberdeen

October 31: Hibernian vs St Johnstone

October 31: Kilmarnock vs Rangers

October 31: Livingston vs Motherwell

November 6: Aberdeen vs Hibernian

November 6: Motherwell vs Celtic

November 6: Rangers vs Hamilton Academical

November 6: Ross County vs Livingston

November 6: St Johnstone vs Kilmarnock

November 6: St Mirren vs Dundee United

November 21: Dundee United vs Hamilton Academical

November 21: Hibernian vs Celtic

November 21: Kilmarnock vs Ross County

November 21: Livingston vs St Mirren

November 21: Rangers vs Aberdeen

November 21: St Johnstone vs Motherwell

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Scottish Premiership fixtures announced: Rangers boss Steven Gerrard will be desperate to win

Scottish Premiership fixtures announced: Rangers boss Steven Gerrard will be desperate to win (Image: GETTY)

December 5: Celtic vs St Johnstone

December 5: Hamilton Academical vs Kilmarnock

December 5: Livingston vs Dundee United

December 5: Motherwell vs Hibernian

December 5: Ross County vs Rangers

December 5: St Mirren vs Aberdeen

December 12: Aberdeen vs Ross County

December 12: Celtic vs Kilmarnock

December 12: Dundee United vs Rangers

December 12: Hamilton Academical vs Hibernian

December 12: Motherwell vs St Mirren

December 12: St Johnstone vs Livingston

December 19: Hibernian vs Dundee United

December 19: Kilmarnock vs Aberdeen

December 19: Livingston vs Celtic

December 19: Rangers vs Motherwell

December 19: Ross County vs Hamilton Academical

December 19: St Mirren vs St Johnstone

December 23: Celtic vs Ross County

December 23: Dundee United vs Kilmarnock

December 23: Hamilton Academical vs Livingston

December 23: Hibernian vs St Mirren

December 23: Motherwell vs Aberdeen

December 23: St Johnstone vs Rangers

December 26: Aberdeen vs St Johnstone

December 26: Dundee United vs Motherwell

December 26: Hamilton Academical vs Celtic

December 26: Kilmarnock vs Livingston

December 26: Rangers vs Hibernian

December 26: Ross County vs St Mirren

December 30: Celtic vs Dundee United

December 30: Hibernian vs Ross County

December 30: Livingston vs Aberdeen

December 30: Motherwell vs Kilmarnock

December 30: St Johnstone vs Hamilton Academical

December 30: St Mirren vs Rangers

January 2: Aberdeen vs Dundee United

January 2: Hamilton Academical vs Motherwell

January 2: Hibernian vs Livingston

January 2: Kilmarnock vs St Mirren

January 2: Rangers vs Celtic

January 2: Ross County vs St Johnstone

January 9: Aberdeen vs Rangers

January 9: Celtic vs Hibernian

January 9: Dundee United vs St Johnstone

January 9: Kilmarnock vs Hamilton Academical

January 9: Livingston vs Ross County

January 9: St Mirren vs Motherwell

January 16: Celtic vs Livingston

January 16: Hamilton Academical vs Dundee United

January 16: Hibernian vs Kilmarnock

January 16: Motherwell vs Rangers

January 16: Ross County vs Aberdeen

January 16: St Johnstone vs St Mirren

January 23: Aberdeen vs Motherwell

January 23: Dundee United vs Hibernian

January 23: Kilmarnock vs St Johnstone

January 23: Livingston vs Hamilton Academical

January 23: Rangers vs Ross County

January 23: St Mirren vs Celtic

January 27: Celtic vs Hamilton Academical

January 27: Dundee United vs St Mirren

January 27: Hibernian vs Rangers

January 27: Livingston vs Kilmarnock

January 27: Ross County vs Motherwell

January 27: St Johnstone vs Aberdeen

February 3: Aberdeen vs Livingston

February 3: Hamilton Academical vs Ross County

February 3: Kilmarnock vs Celtic

February 3: Motherwell vs Dundee United

February 3: Rangers vs St Johnstone

February 3: St Mirren vs Hibernian

February 6: Celtic vs Motherwell

February 6: Hamilton Academical vs Rangers

February 6: Hibernian vs Aberdeen

February 6: Livingston vs St Johnstone

February 6: Ross County vs Dundee United

February 6: St Mirren vs Kilmarnock

February 13: Aberdeen vs St Mirren

February 13: Dundee United vs Livingston

February 13: Motherwell vs Hamilton Academical

February 13: Rangers vs Kilmarnock

February 13: Ross County vs Hibernian

February 13: St Johnstone vs Celtic

February 27: Celtic vs Aberdeen

February 27: Hamilton Academical vs St Johnstone

February 27: Hibernian vs Motherwell

February 27: Kilmarnock vs Dundee United

February 27: Livingston vs Rangers

February 27: St Mirren vs Ross County

March 6: Aberdeen vs Hamilton Academical

March 6: Dundee United vs Celtic

March 6: Motherwell vs Livingston

March 6: Rangers vs St Mirren

March 6: Ross County vs Kilmarnock

March 6: St Johnstone vs Hibernian

March 20: Celtic vs Rangers

March 20: Dundee United vs Aberdeen

March 20: Hamilton Academical vs St Mirren

March 20: Kilmarnock vs Motherwell

March 20: Livingston vs Hibernian

March 20: St Johnstone vs Ross County

April 3: Aberdeen vs Kilmarnock

April 3: Hibernian vs Hamilton Academical

April 3: Motherwell vs St Johnstone

April 3: Rangers vs Dundee United

April 3: Ross County vs Celtic

April 3: St Mirren vs Livingston

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