Seriously? BBC QT audience member’s strange decision leaves viewers RAGING at their TVs

Seriously? BBC QT audience member’s strange decision leaves viewers RAGING at their TVs

The woman was seen waiting patiently to make her point as the panel discussed the impending coronavirus crisis. After Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary, told the show that the Government was doing what it could to control the virus, the woman was picked to make her point. But as opposed to dropping her hand, the woman kept it in the air, sparking viewers to take to Twitter to discuss why she hadn’t moved it.

One wrote: “I know the Coronavirus situation is really worrying..but..there is still no need to keep your hand up when talking on question time.”

Another said: “Does anyone else shout at the telly when a person is waiting with their hand up in the audience of question time.

“Then they get picked to say their point they still keep their hand in the air till their finished talking?

“You can take your hand down now!”

A third added: “Woman on Question Time forgetting to put her hand down giving me serious calling the teacher mum at school flashbacks.”

Despite the hilarity, the point came during a heated discussion on how the UK can control the deadly infection.

On Thursday, the number of cases reported of the disease in the UK rose to 116.

Thursday also saw officials announce the coronavirus had claimed its first British casualty.

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The UK’s first victim was reported to have been a patient at the Royal Berkshire NHS Trust and was understood to be in her 70s.

She was said to have been “in and out of hospital for non-coronavirus reasons”.

And then on Wednesday, the woman was admitted to hospital where she was diagnosed with the disease, which originated from China.

The latest toll saw cases rise by 30 in the UK in just 24 hours.

Published at Fri, 06 Mar 2020 00:14:00 +0000