Shocked motorist spots Deliveroo rider cycling through Clyde Tunnel in Glasgow

Shocked motorist spots Deliveroo rider cycling through Clyde Tunnel in Glasgow

The incident took place on Friday and involved the rider cycling in the left-hand lane alongside fast travelling motors. The phone footage, which was shared on social media, shows the cyclist carrying a takeaway bag on their back with the Deliveroo logo on it.

Many people have taken to social media to criticise the rider.

One user said: “If someone had hit him they would’ve been charged, they don’t care.”

Another added: “Why not use the other path through the tunnel?

“If they had been hurt it would be the motorist would have got the blame also it should be made compulsory for cyclists to wear helmets have lights and other safety equipment.”

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It appeared the cyclist may have decided to cross the Clyde by taking the on-ramp from Waterloo Street in the city centre or Newton Street after being spotted heading in the direction of the Tradeston off-ramp.

The news comes after readers claimed in a recent poll that cyclists should not have priority on the roads over drivers.

The new Highway Code and the ability for police to fine motorists for dangerous driving around cyclists have renewed the debate over who should have priority on Britain’s roads.

From January, cyclists were issued with fresh guidance in the Highway Code update to ride in the centre of a lane on quieter roads, in slower-moving traffic and at the approach to junctions to make themselves as clearly visible as possible.

They were also reminded that they can ride two abreast, as has always been the case as it enables them to be safer in large groups or when riding with children.

Bryn Brooker, head of road safety at Nextbase, told “All road users should follow the Highway Code, and motorists should take additional caution around more vulnerable road users, such as cyclists or pedestrians.

“The new Highway Code changes, which changes the hierarchy of the road, mean the responsibility is with motorists more than ever.

“They must now take extra caution when overtaking or passing vulnerable road users.”

In a poll that ran from 1pm on Monday, May 9, to 3pm on Wednesday, May 11, asked: “Do you think cyclists should own the road or should drivers have priority?”

A total of 6,264 people cast their votes and overall, 93 percent (6,042 people) said “drivers should have priority”.

Meanwhile, a further six percent (363 people) said “cyclists should have priority”.

Just one percent (59 people) said they did not know who should have priority. has contacted Deliveroo for comment.

Published at Sat, 14 May 2022 13:13:29 +0000