Silent Hill news: Major PS5 leak and surprise Dead by Daylight collab

Silent Hill news: Major PS5 leak and surprise Dead by Daylight collab

Reliable survival horror insider AestheticGamer has recently taken to Twitter to reveal more on the future plans of the Silent Hill series.

And the tweeter claimed that Silent Hill is in the works as a PS5 exclusive title, with series creator Keiichiro Toyama coming back on board to direct.

It’s been claimed that Sony Japan Studios will be developing the title after Konami shopped around to find different studios to fund development of a new Silent Hill.

In a series of tweets AestheticGamer said: “Just to clear up some things about Silent Hill PS5, from what I know.

“100% things: In 2018 Konami shopped around with different studios for two pitches to fund development of a reboot & an episodic Silent Hill game.

“I knew this from a personal friend & an email from from someone separately. Neither got the job, but I know this as fact.

“In late 2019, a separate close friend in Japan informed me a Silent Hill game was being developed in Japan that had started dev at the start of 2019.

“I started doing some personal investigation from this, A lot of dead ends, but others collaborated this & I did learn about something else which helped later, but promised not to talk about it.

“I separate this part of the story as all of that is stuff I can 100% verify.

“The rest I believe & have been shown solid evidence, but the following I have evidence to believe, but I can’t verify the details (but it is from someone who would know & I verified their identity).”

Published at Wed, 27 May 2020 13:47:00 +0000