Sky email login: How to log into my old Sky account? How to access old email addresses

Sky email login: How to log into my old Sky account? How to access old email addresses

With all the work and private email accounts in use online, you can be forgiven for occasionally forgetting their Sky account login details. This can result in being locked out of your Sky email account. Fortunately, users do not need to create a new Sky account each time they lose access. Access to an email account can instead be achieved via Sky’s email recovery functionality.

How to log into an old Sky email account:

In line with the Sky Yahoo Mail terms and conditions, accounts that have been dormant for more than six months are eligible for deletion.

This may also happen if you have been redirecting your email from Sky Yahoo Mail to another email service – such as auto-forwarding – without signing in to your Sky Yahoo Mail account.

This can make your Sky account appear inactive.

Because of this, sign in to your Sky Yahoo Mail account at least once every six months to let them know that it is still in use.

However, if you have forgotten your sign in details, you can retrieve them and change them online.

What to do if your Sky account has been suspended:

If you do not sign in to your Sky Yahoo Mail account within 14 days of receiving the account deletion email.

Please note, if this is not done, your account will be suspended.

Sign in to your Sky Yahoo Mail account and you will see a message asking you to confirm if you would like to continue using Sky Yahoo Mail or delete your account.

If no action is taken for a further 14 days, your Sky account will be deleted.

Unfortunately, once the deletion process is complete you will not be able to reactivate your account or access your previous data.

This includes all your Sky emails, contacts and calendars.

Deleting inactive Sky Yahoo Mail accounts and how to prevent it:

If you have not signed in for at least five months, Sky will send an email to your Sky Yahoo Mail address and the secondary email address used at account set up or any replacement email address you have registered since then.

You will then have a fortnight to sign in to your Sky Yahoo Mail account, or it will be suspended.

In this event, Sky will email you a further reminder to reactivate your account.

However, no other emails can be received while the account is suspended.

If you do not reactivate your account within 14 days of the second email, your account will be deleted and can’t be recovered.

This includes all Sky emails, contacts and calendar information.

This does not affect your Sky iD or any other Sky services.

Each Sky Yahoo Mail account is treated separately for deletion so it will not impact the accounts for any additional users you’ve added.

If they have not signed into their accounts for the last five months, they will be contacted separately.

Published at Wed, 19 Aug 2020 15:25:00 +0000