Sky Q: How to watch Netflix and Disney+ on your set-top box

Sky Q: How to watch Netflix and Disney+ on your set-top box

To be able to access Netflix content on a Sky Q box you will need a Netflix account. However, you can sign up for Sky’s own Ultimate On Demand package, which includes full Netflix access.

All Netflix accounts can access content through Sky, but depending on your package you get different benefits:

If you use a separate Netflix account you will be able to use the dedicated Netflix app on the Sky Q platform.

This works and looks exactly like a Netflix app on many other platforms, including Smart TVs and Apple TV.

Some Netflix shows will appear on the Sky Q home screen along with other “Top Picks” from Sky Q’s films and box sets.

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Text search on Sky Q will also include results found on Netflix.

This is the same whether you sign up for Netflix for the first time through Sky or if you switch your existing account over.

You may consequently only need to inform Sky about the email address that accesses your Netflix account and the two ompanies will switch you over automatically and instantly.

You will not as a result lose any profiles or Netflix history.

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And even if you pay for Netflix through Sky it still works like a standalone subscription.

That means you can log into and enjoy Netflix on any device with the Netflix app, plus PC or Mac through a web browser.

There are unfortunately no plans for a Netflix app or integration for the older Sky+ box.

Published at Mon, 04 May 2020 14:39:00 +0000