Skype: How to video call friends and family with Skype

Skype: How to video call friends and family with Skype

Being ordered to self-isolate for weeks or months can make life tricky for many people. However, the wonders of modern technology means people can keep in visual contact with apps such as Microsoft’s Skype – here is how.

How to set up Skype:

The first step in using Skype is downloading it and setting up your account.

Begin by opening your browser of choice and navigate to the Skype homepage.

Next click the blue Get Skype button which will open the corresponding Microsoft store page.

Alternatively, open the Microsoft Store by clicking the taskbar icon, or searching for Microsoft Store in the search box.

Once there, simply search for Skype and click the corresponding app page.

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Once Skype arrives in the search box, click the corresponding icon.

Those already with a Skype account can log in with your Skype name, email, or phone number and skip through to the next section.

To make a new Skype account, click Create A New Account.

Users can sign up to a Skype account with an email address or phone number.

Users can decide which method they would prefer to link with your new account.

Once chosen, input the relevant information and click next.

How to find friends and family on Skype:

Skype requires only a single piece of information to find friends and family easily and start chatting straight away.

When you first log in to your account, Skype will ask whether you want to import your existing contacts.

Those who have already set up a Microsoft account can immediately complete their contact list.

To find anyone else you may wish to talk to, select the Search Skype box in the top left-hand corner and search for their real name, Skype name, or email address.

If your friend has a common name, you may find that there are a number of people to choose from in the list that pops up.

Use profile pictures to find the person you’re looking for, or alternatively click on them, then on the name at the top of the window, to view their profile information.

Anyone you talk to will automatically be added to your Skype contact list.

Published at Fri, 20 Mar 2020 10:18:00 +0000