Slow BT broadband? There’s a simple fix to see faster speeds

Slow BT broadband? There’s a simple fix to see faster speeds

BT customers have been complaining that their internet speeds are not up to scratch. However, it appears there’s a simple explanation… and an even simpler fix. The sluggish speeds are due to a weird glitch within the MyBT app and the website that means those checking download speeds – using a wired connection – are seeing dismally slow speeds. Understandably, this has left some believing the internet being pumped into their homes isn’t performing as well as it should. However, that isn’t actually the case.

BT has confirmed to that the issue is due to its own online speed tests and that BT is now advising anyone who is worried about the speed spotted on the speed test to carry out another via third-party services such as or These tests should reveal more accurate data about the broadband speeds coming into your home.

It’s a little embarrassing that BT’s own speed test is causing customers to worry about the speed of their connection.

“We are aware of an FTTP speed profile issue on the Smart Hub 2 affecting a small number of customers and are urgently working to resolve the problem,” the telecoms firm told

The issue has been found to affect customers who signed up Full Fibre 500 between March 22, 2020 – June 5, 2020 and who are using BT’s Smart Hub 2 router. Hopefully, a fix will be released soon but, until then, if you want to know exactly how fast your BT speeds are it’s a good idea to use those other speed free checkers which are both available online or on App Stores.

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The news of this glitch comes as BT has been criticised for continuing to charge customers for their email address once they decide to leave the firm.

Research from Compare the Market suggests that as many as one in four adults in the UK have an email address linked to their broadband provider.

BT can charge £7.50 per month for full access to its email service once a user switches to a new firm and this extra cost can put some off making the switch.

Holly Niblett, head of digital at said: “It seems that many broadband providers are holding customers to ransom over their email addresses. Email addresses have fast become a vital and necessary part of our everyday lives. It’s unacceptable that the fear of losing an email address is leading to switching inertia, particularly amongst over 65s, who are more likely paying over the odds for broadband as a result.

“With broadband increasingly recognised by the government as an essential utility, a fairer and more transparent system for customers to keep their email addresses when they switch provider is long overdue. Urgent reform is needed.”

Defending its email charges, a BT spokesperson said: “BT Broadband customers receive a free email service as part of their package. If they switch broadband providers, they can continue to use the BT email service, free of charge, through a web browser. This version includes unlimited storage, online virus protection and a UK based helpdesk.

“The email service with premium features is also available to customers if they switch provider, and additionally includes multiple inboxes and access through email apps, for £7.50 a month.”

Published at Thu, 23 Jul 2020 05:55:00 +0000