Smart motorway – How speed cameras work and how you can be fined

Smart motorway – How speed cameras work and how you can be fined

Smart motorway networks in the Uk are expected to double over the next few years. These types of motorway use variable speed limits displayed on overhead gantry designed to improve traffic flow by optimising the use of a hard shoulder. Lanes can be closed if there is an accident or an emergency vehicle needs access to an incident further down the road. Earlier this year it was reported that these cameras were ‘always on’ and could foes drivers being caught just 1mph over the limit, but this was dispelled.

Highways England said at the time” “Safety cameras on smart motorways are set by each regional police force, we are unaware of any sweeping changes to the entire camera network on either the M1 or M25.

“It simply isn’t possible to activate or deactivate every single speed camera on the M1 or M25 at the press of a button.”

A spokesperson also said: “Speed enforcement is a matter for the police.

“However, we are not aware of any changes made on the M1 or the M25.”

Edmund King commented: “Despite the variable speed cameras being active on motorways such as the M1 and M25 there is likely to be more than a 2mph variance as speedometers and indeed cameras aren’t always 100 per cent accurate.

“With such low thresholds it could produce a dangerous situation with some drivers concentrating more on their speedometer than the road ahead.

“We believe the police are much more pragmatic when it comes to fair enforcement.

“So if drivers don’t want to get caught out by cameras or indeed fake news it is best to stick to the signed speed limits.”

Highways England qualifies the rules of speed limits on its website. It says: “If no special speed limit is displayed then the national speed limit applies’.

It adds: “A speed limit displayed inside a red circle is legally enforceable. If you don’t keep to this speed limit, you are breaking the law.

“Speed cameras are in operation on smart motorways. If you don’t keep to the speed limit, you may receive a fine.”

While these cameras are always on it is understood that motorists breaking the speed limit could land a fine down to the discretion of the relevant police force.

Published at Sun, 21 Jul 2019 06:30:00 +0000