Snapchat Egg Hunt 2020: Is Snapchat doing the egg hunt again this year?

Snapchat Egg Hunt 2020: Is Snapchat doing the egg hunt again this year?

The Easter weekend is now mere days away, which for Snapchat users means one thing – the Easter Egg Hunt. But with everyone stuck indoors due to the coronavirus chaos, the question on many people’s lips is whether the Snapchat Egg Hunt will return in 2020.

Will the Snapchat Egg Hunt return this Easter?

Many users are debating whether the Snapchat Egg Hunt will return this year due to much of the world continuing coronavirus lockdown.

The Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt is based on walking around the real world and collecting augmented reality eggs from various locations.

However, with much to the planet confined indoors in a desperate effort to stop the spread of coronavirus, many believe the Snapchat Egg Hunt will not return this year.

Nothing has been said on the issue and Snapchat has yet to respond to’s query whether the 2020 Egg Hunt will take place.

Adding to the intrigue, Snapchat usually starts the Egg Hunt a few days before Easter Sunday, making it increasingly unlikely it will take place this year.

What is the Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt?

The Easter Egg Hunt is a virtual reality game with more than a passing resemblance to Pokemon Go.

Using the Snapchat app, users are encouraged to hunt for virtual Easter Eggs in the real world.

Each egg is worth one point, although there are rarer five-point eggs sporadically spread around.

The aim is to collect as many as you can and gain the biggest score.

Your total score is tallied and ranked against your Snapchat friends.

How to take part in the Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt:

Open the Snapchat maps section of the Snapchat app at or around Easter Sunday.

If the Snapchat Egg Hunt does take place, users should see lots of Easter Eggs dotted around on the map.

Next, simply choose an egg and go to that specific location.

Upon arrival at the spot, open your camera and you should see an augmented reality Easter Egg in front of you.

Snapchat users using Ghost Mode could continue taking part in the Easter Egg Hunt, but their score will only be visible to them.

Only the people a Snapchat user allows to see their location on the Snap Map could do this.

Users could also choose to share their location with all your friends, just a group of selected friends, or activate Ghost Mode to go completely off the grid.

A Snapchat spokesperson said last year: “We encourage Snapchatters to play safe and responsibly, keep their eyes on their surroundings, and most importantly – have fun!”

Published at Fri, 10 Apr 2020 07:00:00 +0000