‘Some have now gone’ Camilla pens deeply moving article on loved ones battling cancer

‘Some have now gone’ Camilla pens deeply moving article on loved ones battling cancer

Penning a deeply touching tribute for MailOnline, the Duchess of Cornwall, 74, wrote a few touching words in a piece that praised the work of cancer support centre Maggie’s. According to their website, the nationwide network “offers the best possible support free to anyone with cancer and their families who walk through our doors.”

Writing for the Mail, Camilla said: “We have all, in some form or another, received news of a cancer diagnosis: whether our own or of someone we love.

“We have all, even if for a short time, lost the joy of living in the fear of someone dying.

“We have all endured the terrifying sensation of groping powerlessly in the dark for a comforting hand to guide us.”

She later added: “Like everyone, I have seen close family and friends fight cancer.

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“Sadly, some have now gone, but others came out the other side.

“I wish that a Maggie’s centre had been available for them all – as, indeed, I wish a centre were available for all those who are now in the worrying position of waiting for their cancer treatment.

“Estimates say that almost a million women missed their mammograms over the pandemic.”

Studies have revealed the pandemic has seriously inhibited the detection of cancers, especially amongst women.

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The Duchess concluded her compelling piece by thanking Maggie’s for their work.

She wrote: “Thank you to the whole Maggie’s family for 25 years of outstanding service to those living with cancer, and let us hope and pray that in the next quarter century we will have a Maggie’s centre in every major city in this country.”

Published at Fri, 24 Sep 2021 05:25:28 +0000