Sonos’ next speaker could boost your movie nights for a much smaller price

Sonos’ next speaker could boost your movie nights for a much smaller price

Sonos could be poised to launch a brand-new speaker. According to a leaked screenshot from the S2 app, which is used to control the wireless audio products, a redesigned subwoofer could be coming with a smaller footprint and a smaller price tag. For those who don’t know, subwoofers are key components in any home cinema set-up as they handle the bass – leaving the other speakers in your set-up more bandwidth to focus on everything else in the mix. And if you like your floor to rumble with every explosion and shake your neighbours awake with the rattle of gunfire or a kick-drum in your favourite playlist, you’re going to need a subwoofer in the mix.

First reported by Android Police, it seems Sonos let slip some details about its upcoming speaker in its S2 app. According to the leaks, the next speaker will be called Sub Mini and a small description in the app suggests it will have a “small, cylindrical” design. Interestingly, while it’s possible to pair two Sonos Subs in the same home cinema set-up …the S2 app suggests that you won’t be able to mix and match between a Sonos Sub and a Sub Mini.

It’s unclear whether you’ll be able to pair a duo of Sonos Mini speakers with your home cinema system. Regardless, the idea of Sonos designing a compact subwoofer that adds a little extra bass to your blockbusters without taking up too much room, perfect for those with smaller living rooms or those who don’t want their space dominated by minimalist speakers. The smaller size suggests this new arrival won’t replace the Sonos Sub, but cost be sold as a lower-cost alternative.

The current, third-generation Sonos Sub sells for £749 from Sonos’ online store, or you can buy it as part of a Surround Sound set with a Sonos Beam and two Sonos Ones for £1,596.

A number of Sonos speakers can be paired together to create a home cinema system. The Sonos Beam soundbar, which also boasts support for the chatty Alexa and Google Assistant smart assistant, is a great starting point. You can use Sonos One speakers to transform the soundbar into a surround sound system, but Sonos also lets you use the speakers that it creates with IKEA too, including its bookshelf speaker and picture frame – perfect for those who want to disguise the fact that they’ve got a surround system.

Sonos sells this exact 5.0 home cinema system in its store, although we could soon see a 5.1 version spring-up with the so-called Sub Mini, when it launches!

Unfortunately, the leak from the S2 app doesn’t have any details about a launch date. Commenting on the leaks, a spokesperson for Sonos told Engadget: “We’re always working on ways to create an even better listening experience for customers, but we don’t have anything to share on our future product roadmap.”

Published at Wed, 01 Dec 2021 09:59:37 +0000