Sonos reveals all-new Arc soundbar and that’s not all that has changed

Sonos reveals all-new Arc soundbar and that’s not all that has changed

Yes, the rumours were true. Sonos has unveiled an all-new soundbar called the Sonos Arc which promises to be a huge upgrade over the hugely popular Sonos Playbar. Along with a radically different design, the Sonos Arc also brings Dolby Atmos support to the connected speaker range for the first time. To do that, it sports two upward-firing speakers designed to help give owners the feeling they have a full surround sound system in their living rooms.

Tucked inside the circular casing, Sonos has managed to pack 11 high-performance drivers which have been tuned by Oscar award-winning mixing engineers, the company claims.

Using this clever software tuning, the Sonos Arc is able to adjust its sound profile based on the home theatre set-up and what’s playing on the screen, whether the input is stereo, Dolby Digital 5.1, or Dolby Atmos.

It also includes the same Trueplay system pioneered by Sonos in its previous smart speakers, which helps the system analyse the room it is placed in for optimal performance. Other nice extras include Speech Enhancement to further clarify vocals and Night Sound which tempers things such as loud explosions so you won’t annoy the neighbours.

Owners also get all the usual smart features with instant access to Alexa and Google’s Assistant both built in. You can also control the audio with your TV remote and iPad, iPhone and Mac owners can beam content straight to the speaker using AirPlay 2.

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As you may have noticed from the pictures, Sonos has changed the design somewhat with Arc getting a sleeker but much longer design. This is to fit in with the growth of much bigger TVs that consumers are now switching to.

The Arc replaces the Playbar and Playbase, which have now both been consigned to the history books.

“Home has never played a more important role in our lives and we’ve always been about making the home more enjoyable with great sounding products and new experiences. Arc brings the sounds of our favorite shows and artists to life like never before,” said Patrick Spence, Sonos CEO.

“Our goal is to make any room you have a television a place you can easily enjoy all of the great streaming video and music that exists today. Arc illustrates our commitment to brilliant sound and premium design, and sets a new standard for soundbars.”

The Sonos Arc will go on sale next month in black or white with a price of £799. Alongside the Arc, Sonos has also revealed a new Sonos Play:5 which is now simply called Sonos Five. Although the main speakers stay the same as the previous model, Sonos has fully refreshed the design to offer a more minimalist appearance and there’s increased memory and faster processing power. It will also be available in June priced at £599.

There’s also a reboot for the booming Sonos Sub which gets faster internals and the firm has also announced the release of an all-new app. Starting June 8, Sonos customers will be able to download this application with it delivering an upgraded software platform that will power the next generation of products.

This new app features support for higher resolution audio technologies, evident with the Dolby Atmos experience on Arc, as well as increased security and improved design for easier use.

Published at Wed, 06 May 2020 20:00:00 +0000