Spain to allow domestic travel for expats again from this week

Spain to allow domestic travel for expats again from this week

The country will be finally easing the lockdown restrictions which will allow people to freely travel across the country. This will mean domestic travel will be allowed again for expats living in Spain.

This will apply to almost all towns and regions, except to those with exceptional numbers of Covid-19 cases.

For the past six months, the Spanish Government had strict lockdown restrictions in place, such as the nighttime curfew or the impossibility to travel to other cities in the country.

From this Sunday, the restrictions will be lifted and people will be allowed to cross the border between most Spanish regions.

The country will also ease the restrictions on the number of people allowed into bars and restaurants.

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However, some measures and regional lockdowns will remain in place as a few regions have decided to stick to the old restrictions.

Many are worried about the impact that this will have on the spread of the coronavirus.

In Spain, the different regions are in charge of controlling the pandemic in their territories.

The Balearic Islands, for example, have decided to maintain the nighttime curfew and the restrictions on social gatherings in private spaces.


In Comunidad Valenciana, Alicante and Benidorm will be free from all restrictions.

For those expats living in Andalusia, travelling between some towns will still be banned.

Those will only be the cities that have more than 500 Covid cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

The regional lockdown will still be in place in some towns in the Malaga, Seville or Almeria region, for example.

For those planning to go on holiday, Spain is preparing to start welcoming UK tourists from June.

However, digital Covid certificates will be required to get in the country.

The health certificate will show whether tourists have been vaccinated, tested negative or recovered from the virus.

The UK will be lifting the travel ban on May 17, when holiday abroad will be permitted.

Ministers will publish a green list of countries where people will be able to travel without having to self isolate on return.

An amber list will also be published which will include the countries that will require a 10 days quarantine when coming back to the UK. 

The red list will be destinations that Brits must continue to avoid.

The full plan and the countries classification will be announced this evening. 

Published at Fri, 07 May 2021 12:38:00 +0000