Spain train crash: Hundreds involved in horror head-on collision with car -at least 1 dead

Spain train crash: Hundreds involved in horror head-on collision with car -at least 1 dead

The accident happened at 4.10pm today in Zamora and emergency services are on the scene releasing a number of people who were trapped in the wreckage. The train derailed in La Hiniesta, about seven miles from Zamora, on the Alvia 11553 Ferrol – Madrid service. Video footage has shown passengers wearing masks because of the coronavirus pandemic walking to safety along the track.

Early reports say the man who died was the car driver.

The vehicle is said to have fallen off a bridge and landed in front of the oncoming train.

Two drivers on the train have been injured but 108 passengers have reportedly escaped serious injury.

The engine of the train was derailed on impact with the car but the rest of the carriages stayed intact.

The two drivers have been taken to hospital.

Zamora’s emergency services rushed to the railway, including the fire brigade, police and Civil Guard.

The 112 service confirmed: “Several calls received in the Castilla y León 1-1-2 Emergency Service room alerting to the accident of a passenger train at the height of the La Hiniesta (Zamora).

“They indicate that the locomotive has run off the tracks, and the two occupants are injured and trapped.

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“The tourist occupant had passed away.

“The two people trapped in the machine have been released and are being transferred to hospital.”

The train company Renfe also confirmed the accident on Twitter.

Translated from Twitter, the train company wrote: “A collision of the Alvia 11553 Ferrol – Madrid with a vehicle has taken place, as a consequence of the driving – head of the train has derailed.

“The drivers are injured and the 108 travellers have been uninjured. We will continue to report.”

They later claimed there had actually been more travellers onboard than originally reported.

They said: “We corrected the information, there are 180 passengers travelling onboard the train and they have been unharmed.

“It is planned to evacuate travellers to La Hiniesta and carry out an alternative road transport plan to take them to their destination.”

Published at Tue, 02 Jun 2020 16:28:00 +0000