Spotify Wrapped 2021 is now available: Find out your most listened to tracks and artists

Spotify Wrapped 2021 is now available: Find out your most listened to tracks and artists

Spotify Wrapped 2021 is available right now, with users able to take a deep dive into their listening habits and find out the tracks, artists and podcasts that defined their year. The personalised report will be available to the leading music service’s 381million users, and it can be accessed by clicking here. Heading to this page will provide Spotify users with fascinating stats such as top five and songs artists, amount of minutes listened to in total, favourite genre, and more.

Besides these fan favourite mainstays of the Spotify Wrapped experience, this year’s edition also has several new features – 2021: The Movie, Your Audio Aura, Playing Cards and 2021 Wrapped: Blend.

Spotify Wrapped will also be more shareable than ever before – besides being able to share your Wrapped report with friends on Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, you will now be able to do this on TikTok as well.

And, as a little treat, this year special videos from over 170 artists and creators have been recorded thanking fans for supporting their efforts.

If you’ve got a song by one of these artists in the ‘Your Top Songs 2021’ or ‘Your Artists Revealed’ playlists then you’ll be able to access these pre-recorded messages.

Podcast creators will also be able to send Spotify users thanks for their support, as Spotify Clips for Podcasts is rolling out for the very first time today too.

To mark the release of Spotify Wrapped today, the streaming giant has also revealed stats looking at what its users as a whole have been listening to in 2021.

The most listened to artist is Yonaguni star Bad Bunny, while the most listened song worldwide is Olivia Rodrigo’s driver license.

The former Disney Channel star’s debut album, SOUR, is also the most listened to album worldwide in 2021.

In terms of UK stats, the most listened to artist for 2021 was a mainstay of the Spotify Wrapped best performing artists lists – Hotline Bling rapper Drake.

In the UK, Rodrigo’s good 4 u was the most listened to song of the year, while SOUR once again claimed top honours for most listened to albums.

You can find more details on the Spotify Wrapped 2021 global and UK stats below…

Most Streamed Artists Globally: Bad Bunny, Taylor Swift, BTS, Drake, Justin Bieber

Most Streamed Songs Globally: drivers license by Olivia Rodrigo, MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) by Lil Nas X, Stay by The Kid LAROI with Justin Bieber, good 4 u by Olivia Rodrigo, Levitating by Dua Lipa feat. DaBaby

Most Streamed Albums Globally: SOUR – Olivia Rodrigo, Future Nostalgia – Dua Lipa, Justice – Justin Bieber, = – Ed Sheeran, Planet Her – Doja Cat

Most Popular Podcasts Globally: The Joe Rogan Experience, Call Her Daddy, Crime Junkie, TED Talks Daily, The Daily

Most Streamed Artists in the UK : Drake, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, Juice WRLD

Most Streamed Songs in the UK: good 4 u by Olivia Rodrigo, drivers license by Olivia Rodrigo, Bad Habits by Ed Sheeran, MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) by Lil Nas X, Heat Waves by Glass Animals

Most Streamed Albums in the UK: SOUR – Olivia Rodrigo, = – Ed Sheeran, Future Nostalgia – Dua Lipa, Planet Her – Doja Cat, Justice – Justin Bieber

Most Streamed UK Artists Globally: Dua Lipa, Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, One Direction, Queen

Most Popular Podcasts in the UK: The Joe Rogan Experience, Times news briefing, Off Menu with Ed Gamble and James Acaster, JaackMaate’s Happy Hour, Sh**ged Married Annoyed

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