Star Wars Day PS4 update: GREAT news for PSVR fans on May 4th

Star Wars Day PS4 update: GREAT news for PSVR fans on May 4th

Star Wars Day has been highly eventful in 2020, as fans are treated to a cluster of colossal announcements.

The big news is that a new Star Wars film is in the works, and Thor Ragnarok director Taika Waititi is directing.

Video game fans have also been given a treat, as Sony announces a new Star Wars video game for PS4 owners with a PlayStation VR.

To celebrate May 4th, Sony told fans that Vader Immortal is coming to PSVR this summer.

With high production values and satisfying controls, the episodic Star Wars tie-in has already proven a big hit on Oculus Quest.

And it’s particularly good news for PlayStation VR fans, who can buy all three episodes in one complete bundle.

Sony explains more: “Today, I’m excited to let you know that ​Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series ​ is coming to PlayStation VR later this summer, and the series will be available as a complete series: all three episodes and Lightsaber Dojos will be available for purchase together, for the first time.”

As executive creative producer Mark Miller explains, the game was built using Unreal Engine 4, and featured input from Ninja Theory. 

“We pushed ourselves every day to combine high quality visuals, sound and compelling interactivity in a way not previously attempted or achieved in the VR space,” Miller explains.

“To do this, we built a team of folks with varied storytelling backgrounds from film, games, and animation, brought on key collaborators like ClutchPlay, and leveraged Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4.”

Miller said that the main priority was to ensure lightaber wielding was in the game, and that it felt authentic – or at least as authentic as a fictional weapon can feel.

“One of our first meetings began with a whiteboard. We listed out everything that we thought fans (and ourselves!) would most want to experience, if they were inside the Star Wars ​ galaxy.

“Wielding a lightsaber was right there at the top of that list, but we knew that if we were going to do that, we had to do it right.

“We went through many different mechanics, both in-house and with our partners at Ninja Theory, before we got to the point where you really felt like you were parrying a blow, slicing through metal, or blocking blaster fire. We continually tested and tweaked the feedback until we got it right.”

The extra development time worked well, because Vader Immortal would winning Best AV/VR Game at the 2020 GDC Awards.

Published at Mon, 04 May 2020 17:30:00 +0000