State pension: Back To 60 appeal date announced for ‘historic’ ruling

State pension: Back To 60 appeal date announced for ‘historic’ ruling

age is currently scheduled to increase to 68 in the coming years. These increases will be introduced in stages, with the latest increase occurring today.

However, in 2010 state pension age for women born in the 1950s began rising to 65 to match the same retirement age for men.

These increases came in ahead of the government’s original schedule and while the state argues that it gave the affected women notice of this, some argue that there was little to no warning.

These changes caused a dramatic level of fallout and eventually certain groups emerged to take the state to court on the matter.

Two women in particular, Julie Delve and Karen Glynn, eventually brought a case against the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions.

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The Courts and Tribunals Judiciary summarised the case as follows: “The Claimants sought judicial review of the mechanisms chosen to implement these changes, arguing that they discriminated on grounds of age and/or sex; they also sought judicial review of the government’s alleged failure to inform them of the changes.

“The essence of the Claimants’ case was that there had been discrimination because the legislation had been intended to equalise the position of women and men, but it had not had that effect because it had exacerbated pre-existing inequalities suffered by women when compared with men.

“Further, the Claimants argue that there was inadequate notice given of these changes, which frustrated their legitimate expectations and was procedurally unfair.”

The initial case was ultimately unsuccessful but the BackTo60 campaign continued to push for their cause and appealed the decision through the courts.

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Late last week, it was revealed by the courts of appeal that the final decisions on the case will be made on September 15 2020, at 10:30.

In response to the announcement Joanne Welch, the founder of the Back to 60 campaign, thanked the supporters of the cause and detailed that they’ll be awaiting the “historic” ruling.

The appeal decision itself will be handed down remotely due to coronavirus.

The court announced that the decision will be circulated to the parties involved or their representatives by email.

As they confirmed on Friday: “A copy of the judgment in final form as handed down should be available on the Judiciary website ( or BAILII shortly thereafter but can otherwise be obtained on request by email to the Judicial Office (”

As it stands, most retirees will be able to claim the “new” state pension introduced in 2016 but eligibility for this is also based on gender.

A man born on or after April 6 1951 will be able to claim the new state pension.

For women, they will need to have been born on or after April 6 1953.

A minimum of 10 years of National Insurance contributions will be needed to qualify for this pension.

To receive its full payment, at least 35 years of contributions will be needed.

So long as it is claimed, the first payment will arrive within five weeks of reaching state pension age.

Beyond that, the payments will arrive every four weeks.

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