Steve Coogan fury: Leftie luvvie causes Twitterstorm over controversial Meghan comment

Steve Coogan fury: Leftie luvvie causes Twitterstorm over controversial Meghan comment

The comedian, a renowned Europhile, who has previously labelled Brexiteers “ill-informed” and “ignorant”, said he understood why Meghan and Harry moved to Canada. “I’m not a royalist but Prince Harry didn’t choose his role, it was thrust upon him, so I have a great deal of sympathy for them.”

“On a human level, of course, I’m sympathetic of their treatment.

“The press needs to create a soap opera so they can create a narrative that hurts people to sell newspapers, and that was always the way.

“I have more sympathy for those people who don’t have any resources and find themselves being dragged into stories by the press just to sell newspapers, and they are powerless and they don’t have the resources to take legal action,” claimed Steve

Harry and Meghan have clashed regularly with the press and launched legal action against the Mail on Sunday.

Twitter ripped into the actor for his shocking comments.

One said: “A very bitter man is Steve Coogan… or numerous other terms you could reference him too.”

Another replied: “He can go too.”

A third exclaimed: “Says Coogan while speaking to the press he apparently despises in a desperate bid for coverage for his sh*tty new movie… strange world.”

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Piers said: “I watched Coogan on Channel 4 news I think it was the day before the election, and he was so sneering about Brexiteers, called them stupid and thick, said his character Alan Partridge was basically like them, ignorant, blah blah blah, off he went on his little rant.”

After Boris Johnson won the election, Piers claimed it was down to celebrities like Steve Coogan and Hugh Grant that he had been elected by the public.

He explained: “I thought, oh my god. Imagine you are a working-class, northern Labour voter who voted Leave.

“You’ve got this multimillionaire entitled Hollywood brat telling you your vote doesn’t count. Well, good morning Mr Coogan.

“Turns out what you said doesn’t count. Good morning Mr Grant, what you said didn’t count. In fact, if anything, you both had the complete opposite effect and helped get Boris elected.”

The comments on Meghan and Harry came after Coogan spoke to reporters at a screening of his new film Greed in central London.

Greed is a new satirical movie based on disgraced Topshop billionaire Phillip Green, and stars Made in Chelsea’s Ollie Locke.

The film has so far received mediocre reviews and one critic described it as “a no man’s land between comedy and character drama.”

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