Stormzy humiliated after controversial Michael Gove comment backfires

Stormzy humiliated after controversial Michael Gove comment backfires

Stormzy issued Michael Gove and the Tory party a stark warning following his slanging match with the Tory Chancellor. The pair had long been engaged in a digital debate in the run-up to the general election.

Things heated up when Mr Gove called Stormzy out in his attempts to push the Labour Party to his 1.3million followers.

In response, the rapper ramped up the rhetoric in-person.

He told The Observer: “I’m intelligent.

“That’s why there’s always a bit of a smugness to me.

“So when they dismiss me it’s like, ‘You lot picked the wrong f***ing rapper’.”

Twitter reacted sarcastically to Stormzy’s comments, with many using the opportunity to take a jab at the rapper following Labour’s defeat in the general election.

One user wrote: “It’s okay. He’s lashing out. Still hurting. Probably feeling embarrassed too.”

Another said: “Wow, bet they’re sh***ing themselves, his influence leading to Labours biggest loss since Elvis was born!!!!”

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Moving into the spat, Labour MP Angela Rayner said: “And Michael Gove is crap at both.”

In response Mr Gove tweeted: “I set trends dem man copy”.

In a recent interview with The Observer, Stormzy described Mr Gove’s comments as a “weaponised tactic”.

He said: “It’s the classic, ‘You’re just a rapper’. Using ‘I set trends dem man copy’…No one was talking about that. I wasn’t talking about music, I wasn’t talking about ‘Shut Up’ – I was talking about politics.

“So him saying that is like he said: ‘Oh, no, forget politics. This is what he does. He’s a rapper.’ It’s a weaponised tactic.

“They do it to young people, they do it to black people, they do it to rappers, they do it to entertainers: ‘Just shut up and rap.’

“Stay in your lane. It’s very telling of who these people are.”

Following the election, Stormzy also gave an interview with BBC Radio 1Xtra, where he said the Tories’ election landslide felt like a “dark cloud”.

He had previously described Jeremy Corbyn as a “man of hope”.

He said: “As soon as it hit midnight…I was signing albums.

“But it was like a dark cloud, you could feel it.”

Published at Mon, 16 Dec 2019 00:36:00 +0000