‘Streak-free’: Mrs Hinch fan shares the ‘best’ way to clean a TV screen with ‘no products’

‘Streak-free’: Mrs Hinch fan shares the ‘best’ way to clean a TV screen with ‘no products’

Television screens are positively charged, meaning they can attract a lot of dust. Whilst this may not be hard to remove, it can leave fingerprints or cloth marks on the surface, potentially scratching the screen.

This makes them great for removing fingerprints and dust from television screens.

Jenna Midgley commented: “I find a glass cleaning cloth much better.”

Sian Louise added: “Yep, I use the green Minky cloth to clean all my screens.”

The Minky M Cloth for Glass & Window is made from millions of tightly woven high density microfibres, which help to pick up the settled dust.

It’s also large in size, making the job much easier.

The green cleaning cloth can be picked up from various different supermarkets for less than £2.

Sharon Fisher said: “Damp the Minky cloth a little bit, it’s absolutely brilliant, I love it.”

Sophie Macdonald added: “The cloth is so large you could wet a corner of it and keep the rest dry to buff the screen up after. I use this to clean all my electronic screens, you don’t need cleaning products.”

Many group members advised others not to use a cleaning product as it could harm the screen.

Melissa Sheil commented: “Just use a cloth, damp it a tiny bit if needed. I wouldn’t advise using any sprays at all, although I do use the one which came with the TV when we purchased it.”

Angie Jackson wrote: “I just use a dry cloth and make sure no one touches it with their fingers.”

For stubborn fingerprints, one Mrs Hinch fan recommended using a glasses wipe.

Sharon McNeil said: “I use one of those small glasses wipes you can buy for small areas of the screen, wouldn’t recommend using it across the whole screen.

“It’s worked for me and I use it all the time, buff it with a cloth after.”

Published at Mon, 29 Nov 2021 00:01:00 +0000