Sturgeon attacks Boris’ ‘vague’ new strategy as she orders Scots to ‘stay at home!’

Sturgeon attacks Boris’ ‘vague’ new strategy as she orders Scots to ‘stay at home!’

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced she believed Boris Johnson’s new coronavirus message was vague and imprecise. During the Scottish coronavirus briefing on Sunday, Ms Sturgeon attacked the UK Government for dropping the initial stay at home message. Ms Sturgeon insisted those in Scotland should continue to stay at home despite any new advice from the Prime Minister. 

Boris Johnson is expected to unveil the Government’s new coronavirus slogan on Sunday: Stay alert, control the virus and save lives.

During the briefing, James Matthews of Sky News questioned Ms Sturgeon if Boris Johnson was set for catastrophe by changing the Government’s coronavirus message.

Ms Sturgeon answered by defending her decision to differ from the Government’s coronavirus exit strategy.

Ms Sturgeon said: “I am making decisions based on the fact that Scotland’s R number may be higher and it is not yet safe for Scotland to substantially change our position.

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“It is entirely possible for us both to be taking perfectly justifiable decisions but I am here to speak for the decisions I take as First Minister.

“For Scotland right now, given the fragility of the progress we have made and the critical point we are at, it would be catastrophic for me to drop the stay at home message.

“Which is why I am not prepared to do it.

“I am particularly not prepared to do it in favour of a message that is vague and imprecise.”

“I don’t know what stay alert means. 

“Presumably, in normal times, we all live our lives being alert to danger.

“If I said to you my message is to stay alert and you ask does this mean I should stay at home or not, I cannot give you a straight answer.

“Therefore I am failing in my duty to be clear in terms of what I am asking you to do.”


Published at Sun, 10 May 2020 14:39:00 +0000