Suffolk EXPLOSION: Two dead after blast destroys Lidgate bungalow – ‘sounded like a bomb’

Suffolk EXPLOSION: Two dead after blast destroys Lidgate bungalow – ‘sounded like a bomb’

Suffolk police confirmed the two fatalities at the home. Emergency services attended the scene before the two people had been declared missing. The police were alerted to fire at 12.15pm today following reports of multiple explosions, potentially due to gas.

A Suffolk police spokesman said: “The cause of the explosions is currently unknown and a joint police and fire investigation into this incident is now taking place.

“The building has sustained significant structural damage and utility companies have attended the area to ensure the safety of local residents.”

In one shocking image, the roof of the property has been blown off with rubble and bricks lying in the garden.

The interior of the house appears to be black.

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One neighbour said the explosions rattled the windows of homes further along the road and likened the sound to a “First World War bomb”.

Another resident told the East Anglian Daily Times: “My daughter heard a bang and about 20 minutes later, I saw smoke billowing out.

“Our immediate neighbour said it was pretty loud. I think there were two explosions.”

One of the firefighters told Cambridgeshire Live: “Three fire engines responded to this and they were faced with multiple explosions in the rear of the property and there was severe structural damage to the property.

“It was quite a big bungalow and the rear of the bungalow is totally destroyed by the fire.”

A spokesman for Suffolk Fire and Rescue added: “It’s a detached bungalow which was on fire and has suffered a partial collapse.”

The fire has since been contained.

An exact cause has yet to be determined.

Published at Tue, 07 May 2019 23:05:00 +0000